Do politics really matter and does our vote really count?

More than ever before, the political climate in America is extremely tense and with an important upcoming election that will determine the next President of the United States, the two big questions return.

Do politics matter? Does my vote really count?

This has been a large debate for many years but the answer is simple. Yes, your vote really does count and politics matter like never before.

In the last few years, voter registration and voter turnout has risen significantly. Due in part to organizations such as March For Our Lives, who registered thousands of young adults across the country in 2018, and big household musicians such as Taylor Swift, who encouraged her fans to vote in the midterm elections and Ariana Grande, who has a voter registration booth set up at each of her U.S. tour dates.

More citizens are educated and prepared to cast their vote at the polls in all upcoming elections however, there is still a majority of the population that does not vote.

“We live in a democracy. Democracies are based on the will of the people and if the people do not express that will, how is the government to function? We elect people who act in our interest. Those people who we elect need to know what we want,” Dr. Thomas Baldino, a Wilkes University professor of political science, states about the importance of voting.

Many argue and believe that even in big elections, their vote doesn’t count and their voice will still be left unheard. With the system in place today, it does seem impossible that individual votes have an impact on the final outcome but in fact, they do.

Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard and by voting, you are helping the country become a better place. In the 2016 Presidential election, some states were won with a difference of under 100,000 votes proving just how important every vote is.

Besides voting and using your voice to create change in the country, politics are crucial to everyday life. Without realizing it, government policies and decisions affect every citizen whether it be directly or indirectly.

It is simply impossible to ignore what is happening in the government and being educated on the topics being discussed is critical.

“People who do not intend to have children argue that they should not worry about education issues. Yet, children who are educated are more likely to get jobs, those people with jobs then become taxpayers. They buy homes; they stimulate the economy. Even though I can say education doesn’t affect me, it does.” Dr. Baldino expressed in an example.

The reality is that even if politics don’t affect you personally, the policies in place and laws being passed will always be connected to your life.

It is extremely important to be knowledgeable about what is happening in the government. Policies and laws that go into effect, change the way the country is run and have an impact on everyone in the country.

With the upcoming 2020 Presidential election and a long list of candidates, it can be hard figuring out how to educate yourself on the current politics and how each candidate will benefit the United States.

Simply find a reputable source, either a radio station, newspaper or TV station and learn about all aspects of the elections and the candidates running for the position.

A well educated voter will make the best decision for themselves and their country but it is does require some effort.

The answer to two of the biggest questions in America have a simple answer. Your vote does matter and politics are extremely important.

Every citizen is given a voice to use in order to create the best possible country based on the people’s needs.