Meet the Majors: Spanish

Every week, The Beacon will offer a chance for majors to be placed in the spotlight. Each student that gets chosen will have a few words to express why they chose the major and how they feel it will benefit them in the future.












Harrison Eckert – Senior

“I am a double major in biology and Spanish. I came to Wilkes as a pre-pharmacy major then decided that was not what I wanted to do. I transitioned to spanish because I worked with Dr. Bianco before college to write two textbooks with her. My dream job would be to work as a trauma surgeon by day and help teach in a medical institution at night.”













Kassandra Rinker – Freshman

“I am a Spanish major because I love the spanish language and it has been an interest of mine since high school. I would love to do some form of translation or be an ESL teacher.”













Jocelyn Morataya – Sophomore

“I am a Spanish major because I am a part of the international studies program coming from Guatemala. I had to learn English as a second language so I always wanted to do biligual as a career. I would love to become an ESL teacher.”













Derek Donaldson – Freshman

“I am a double major in pharmacy and Spanish. I would like to extend my medical education into medical school and I can use spanish to adequately communicate with potential patients. I saw the need for Spanish ever since high school.”