5 ways to enjoy spring break without traveling

Spring break is approaching and many people will be using that time for a vacation. However, if it is not in the cards to sunbathe on the beach or tour a beautiful city, there is discoverable enjoyment in a ‘staycation.’

While spring break is often associated with going to the beach, traveling abroad, and taking a vacation, there are still ways to find enjoyment in staying at home. In addition, planning a trip including one or two nights in a hotel can get outrageously expensive, let alone traveling abroad for a whole week.

If you are trying to avoid breaking the bank, or you simply just need to take a hiatus from the hectic semester, here are some alternative activities, both leisurely and lively, that you can engage in during your spring break:

1) Relax and Decompress

After working diligently throughout the start of the semester, your brain may be due for a well deserved lull period. Sleeping and lounging around during the break can serve as a recharge for the brain from the late nights spent doing homework and studying. To be honest, there is truly no better feeling than sitting on your couch binge watch your favorite Netflix series and without having any uneasiness about uncompleted tasks and responsibilities.

2) Catch up with old friends

If you are a college student on spring break, it is likely that you have not seen a lot of your hometown friends in a significant amount of time. The break can serve as an excellent opportunity to exchange stories with your old friends about what has occured the past few months and to catch up on what has been happening in each others lives in general.

3) Spend time with family

It can also be difficult to see and talk to your family members if you are in college, especially if you live far away from where you attend school. Sometimes the hasty, five minute phone conversations with your mom in between classes is just not enough. Therefore, spending quality time with your family is often refreshing and comforting, especially when you are at college trying to prepare for the real world.

4) Self Reflect

Although it is great to be around your friends all the time and live with roommates, sometimes you just need time to yourself. It is essential to your overall health and wellbeing to take some time to ground yourself and be aware of your thoughts and feelings. This can be quite difficult to do sometimes when you are in a stimulating college atmosphere, which is a reason as to why spring break can be the perfect opportunity to do so.

5) Find a new hobby

When staying at home and relaxing becomes too mundane, you can always try discovering a new hobby or passion. For example, a break can be a great time to start a workout regimen that you can even continue to utilize after break. If working out at the gym is not ideal, you can try taking a yoga class, a dance class or even take a martial arts or kickboxing class.

Another option can be to start journaling and documenting some of the instances that happen in your life. You can even try painting, drawing, or doing DIY projects. These activities are all examples of fun, interactive things to do that do not require leaving the country or driving a far distance.