“Bad” Movies that I Find Enjoyable


Have you ever disagreed with your friends about a movie you like, that they don’t? This intrigues me more than anything about movies: how two people can sit and watch the same movie and have two different opinions. Why do we like the movies we like?

Sometimes viewers won’t even see a movie if the critics pan it hard enough. A flick is especially doomed if it ends up on one of those “worst movies ever made” lists that suck you into the Internet. I myself went down such a rabbit trail and realized that plenty of the movies that made these lists aren’t bad, that in fact, I like a lot of them.

Here are a few movies I saw on more than one of the Internet lists and just didn’t think deserved to be there.

“Bio-Dome” (1996)- A bit on the older side, relatively, but still a really strong comedy contender. Back in the 90’s everyone wanted Pauly Shore (Encino Man, Son in Law) to practically be in everything. This led to the oversaturated market of “The Weasel” (ask your parents) that led to Shore’s 15 minutes of fame ending sooner than he hoped.

Right on his way out of the spotlight though director Jason Bloom (Irving, Viva Las Nowhere) paired Shore and Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas) together for a cinematic good time. The duo, play a pair of idiots, Bud and Doyle, who somehow mistake a multi million-dollar science experiment, named the “Bio-Dome”, for a mall and sneak in. The experiment doesn’t allow for the doors to open for an entire year and the two dolts are stuck inside along with the five scientists conducting the experiment

The “Bio-Dome 5” are led by Dr. Noah Falkner, played by William Atherton (Die Hard, Ghostbusters), and all of them are less than excited about their intrusive guests. The boys represent chaos in the Bio-Dome and love to wreak as much as possible up until and including breaking the laws of the experiment, opening the doors, and having a wild party thrashing the entire ecosphere of the Bio- Dome.

To earn back the respect and trust of the two lovely lady scientists, Kylie Minogue (Moulin Rouge!, San Andreas ) and Dara Tomanovivh (Back in Business, Amnesia) Bud and Doyle must fix the Bio-Dome and bring homeostasis back to 100%.

The whole movie is as 90’s as you can get, and that is the probable cause of why I’m so fond of it. Another suspected reason is the fact that this movie also leans closer to just dumb, silly, comedy rather than witty satire. I still give it a watch sometimes and it holds up fine as that same stupid silly movie that makes me smile even when it shouldn’t.

At the end of the day movies are supposed to be entertaining, and though this movie might not be the great thinker of our time, its still entertaining.

“Funny People” (2009) – Sometimes even combining all the best ingredients can not make a successful or beloved film, and “Funny People” is the perfect example of that.

Take an all-star writer/director, Judd Apatow (“The 40 Year Old Virgin”, “Knocked Up”) and add two of the most well known comedians/actors, Adam Sandler (“The Waterboy, Billy Madison) and Seth Rogen (Zach and Miri Make a Porno, Superbad) and you should have a comedy blockbuster, no? According to the critics this was a good movie, but the core of the Sandler/Rogen fan base straight up despise this film.

The movie centers on George Simmons, played by Sandler, and his struggle through a rough patch in life. George Simmons, much like Sandler himself, has worked his way to the top of the comedy food chain and is a mega star when he is hit with the news that he has a rare cancer. The news sends him on a life-changing journey of trying to get back to his stand up comedy roots where he meets a truly funny upcoming comedian played by Seth Rogen.

That’s the first half of the three-hour movie, which is the biggest complaint fans have about the flick, the second complaint being the entire second half of the film itself. In the middle of this self-discovery journey, George feels like this is the perfect opportunity to reunite with “the one that got away” played by Leslie Mann (“This is 40”, “Big Daddy).

Unfortunately for George (Sandler) though his old love Laura (Mann) is married with children. The love triangle eventually has to come to a head and the movie wraps up after that, but not in the way you might think. I won’t spoil the exact ending because I really feel this is a worthwhile film that deserves more viewers, and suggest everyone give it a watch.

All of the actors bring their “A-Game” and it truly is a funny movie, just not the whole time. There are parts that have serious issues and tones to go through to tell the story that needs to be told. I think viewers have such a problem with this movie because they heard the Sandler and Rogan team up and expected “The 40 Year Old Waterboy” or some other combination of the two actors previous works.

“Yoga Hosers” (2016) – Not only does this movie not deserve to be on any “worst movies ever” lists, but it should actually be watched and enjoyed by all. General disclaimer and all around known fact, I love writer/director/podcaster, Kevin Smith so its no surprise that I love the movie that combines all three of his talents.

This is Smith’s latest flick, and he is going through a somewhat of a renaissance right now. He has forgone all cares about what critics will say and has decided to make movies that quite frankly, aren’t for everyone. Smith has continued to make movies the way he wants to make, with the people he wants to make them with, for over two decades now and “Yoga Hosers” is no exception.

The movie centers around two teenage girls who work at a convenience store, clerks, some would say, and get involved in an evil plot bigger than the two of them that includes foot tall Canadian Nazis made out of bratwurst called Bratzis. I’ll give you a second to reread that sentence; I did say these flicks weren’t for everyone. I do believe there are two types of people in the world and one type didn’t read any further while the other type is thinking, “I need to see this movie”.

First big complaint that Smith received in making this movie is that he cast his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, and her best friend, Lily Rose Depp, who’s father is Johnny Depp (“Pirates of the Carribean”,  “Edward Sciccorhands”) and also in the movie, as the leads though it would be their film debut. To be clear though, Kevin Smith wrote this movie with those two specific girls in mind and didn’t just hand the roles over. The girls are wonderful in the movie and deserve every second of screen time.

Both Smith and Depp play very well in the first and second act of the movie against their co-stars who include Justin Long (Accepted, Live Free or Die Hard), Adam Brody (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Grind), Austin Butler (Aliens in the Attic, The Carrie Diaries), Tyler Posey (Scary Movie 5, Teen Wolf), and Genesis Rodriguez (Identity Thief, Man on a Ledge) to name a few.

The third act is where all movies come to the grand finale, but this movie really brings that to a new level. I won’t spoil it but I just have to say that Ralph Garman (A Million Ways to Die in the West, Family Guy) gives a stunning performance. Smith, Lily Rose and Johnny Depp, and Garman make this finale scene one of my favorite in all of existence.

“Yoga Hosers” is unfortunatley the only title on this list to be on Netflix at the time so I suggest you sit, chill and “do your wurst”