Background on protests

Brandon Belfonti, Opinion Writer

Colin Kaepernick, a black NFL quarterback, took a kneel for the first time on Sept. 1, 2016.

Three days later a white, female soccer player named Morgan Rapinoe knelt during the Star Spangled song of Mr. Kaepernick’s choice. She said it was a nod of recognition. Why is it important? Mrs. Rapinoe is white. She is a female. And she has absolutely no clue what it is to be a black, male american.

This simple act of dropping to one leg became a nation-wide statement. Players and teams from high school to the professional leagues began making the same, silent statement that caused such controversy.

October 12, 2017, singer Leah Tysse was scheduled to sing the national anthem before a professional basketball game. As the first words came out of Mrs. Tysse’s mouth she, a white woman, took a kneel as she sang our nation’s most meaningful words.

The sequenced acts above are not the only ones that have occurred throughout the last year or so, but they are the most important. They led us to what happened at a political rally in Huntsville, Alabama just a few days ago on September 22.

Our president, Donald Trump, turned a rally meant for talk of tax and healthcare into one of race. One that it is still extremely sensitive after Charlottesville. One that seems to be everlasting as long as he sits in office. One that, somehow, still has an impact on our country.

The following days consisted of a barrage of tweets between the President and various pro-athletes throughout the nation.

This sparked a fury of action across the NFL. Every team performed some display of protest in one way or another.

The fury was so great that according to the NY Post, some fans were actually booing the players for protesting while the anthem was playing.

Although most of the camera shots were on the players during the playing of the anthem, in some games you could hear boo’s in the background, particularly during the last Monday night Cowboys game.

As for the future of these National Anthem protests, it is difficult to predict what will happen because only time will tell us what will happen.