Six ways to enjoy the winter season

It’s the most wonderful time of year. The New Year has just begun and everyone is ready to start the new semester. The winter season has just begun and it’s colder than ever. The streets and the trees are cover with this white magical snow.

Seeing students walk through the greenway with the long puffy jacket with the fur hoods, covering most of their faces. You can see the big furry boots and hats from a mile away.
Especially living in NEPA, there is always winter fun. There are so many indoor and outdoor activities students can conquer during this time of year. Here is a list of the top six most winter must do’s.

1. Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snow Tubing.
These winter sports are a great way to start an adventure outdoors in the winter fun. There are so many different skiing slopes in North East PA. this is a great activity for families and friends to participate in.
It takes a lot of strength and skills to conquer these sports. Once people get the hang of it. It’s a great exciting experience. Talking to a few students on campus, Talking to a few students on campus a lot of people take interest in this winter sport. Wilkes University does have a Ski Club. I recommend if you are interested in it to check it out!

2. Making Hot Cocoa
After playing out in the snow. It’s time for a warm treat. Everyone loves their Mom’s homemade hot chocolate with the mini marshmallows and fresh whipped cream. Hot chocolate come to the show many different flavors now a days. Too hard to resist.

3. Building a Snowman
Grab your mittens, hat, and scarf. It’s time to build a snowman. There has to be tons of snow outside to complete this winter favorite. . I think everyone in their childhood at some point has built a snowman. This brings back winter memories for everyone.

4. Snow Ball Fights
First, you have to have your snow fort ready to go. Then make as many snowballs as possible. Now they have tools to make snowballs a lot faster. Snowball fights can be very aggressive but also be a great time with friends.

 5. Movie Marathon
Having a movie marathon on snow day is a great way to just lay back and relax. Sometimes it’s just better to stay in on a snow day, to watch a movie and have a nice glass of hot chocolate.
I hope everyone has their Netflix favorites ready to go. Everyone loves the bin watch Netflix on a cold winter day.
6. Reading a Book
If you don’t like going out in the snowy cold weather, grab a book of your choice and read it. It doesn’t have to be just a book;  it could be a magazine or newspaper.