Animal Rights & Welfare: “A Voice for the Voiceless”

Imagine not being able to speak for yourself. You would never be able to tell someone you love them, that you miss them, or that you’re in pain. Your whole life, from what you eat, to where you sleep, to when you get to go outside all lies in the hands of someone else. This is the harsh reality for animal world.

They have no say in their well-being. They just hope that the person who holds their small and precious lives in their hands, is that of a caring soul. With so many topics being discussed in the political world today, animal welfare and animal rights is often pushed under the rug and goes unnoticed.

However, it is a very important subject matter because of the amount of responsibility we hold has humans in determining how they are treated. Animal welfare refers to the well-being and treatment of the animal. This includes animals used for testing, consumption, clothing and for work and entertainment. Animal rights is what protects them from harsh and cruel treatment found in these areas. When it comes to ending animal cruelty and ensuring the welfare of the animals, more often than not, the government does nothing to stop it.

According to a survey taken by Lynn A. Addington of American University and Mary Lou Randour of the Animal Welfare Institute, two-thirds of the states that receive animal cruelty data are only collected when an arrest has been made. This leaves the door open for all those who do not get charged or their terrible crimes are never discovered, they are living there lives and committing the same sickening acts. Certain companies and organizations have become involved in the fight of bringing justice to these animals. One such company is LUSH, a UK based cosmetic store that sales only handmade, 100% vegetarian products, none of which are tested on animals. They have dedicated a portion of their website to educating the public on the importance of putting an end to the testing of products on animals.

They state, “Our extremely strict policy against animal testing is unique, and we want our peers in the cosmetics industry to adopt the same stance.” Popular lobbying groups are also trying to do their part in helping the cause as well. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or the ASPCA are known for educating the public on topics that include puppy mills, dog fighting, and many more domestic issues. Another organization that works on an international scale is the World Wildlife Fund, or WWF, they help to preserve those animals on the endanger species list as well as create a fun and interactive way of educating children and their parents on ways they can become involved. In today’s day and age, every single animal should feel loved and not have to live in fear for their lives.

Simply being educated on the manner is not enough to end animal cruelty, however being involved and advocating for animal rights and welfare can really make a difference. Look at your pet or any animal for that matter, and tell me you don’t want the best for them. So what’s stopping you helping end animal cruelty and advancing animal rights?