Letter to the editor: Student’s good deed does not go unnoticed

I feel compelled to share this story, because often times college students are often seen as boisterous and unruly. However, on an average day of work last week, I received an email from a student, Tyler Stolzfus, stating he found my debit card (which I was not even aware I had lost it).

You see, I had stopped at Walgreens prior to my shift and must have slid it in my pocket. Well throughout the day, I was in multiple buildings, and numerous dorms and to be honest, I forgot that I even had it my card with me at all and it must have fallen out. My carelessness could have been so damaging and time consuming.

Obviously I work here full time at Wilkes University, but am also a full time student, so finding the time to cancel my card and stopping my auto payments would have taken time not to mention the inconvenience, and stress. His email asked where I could meet him after his class to return it to me. I had to re-read my email several times as well as search my pockets to confirm that this was meant for me.

When I realized that I did in fact lose my card and this fine young gentleman took the initiative to find me was so heart warming. I texted him back, with many thank you’s and we met after his class at the Student Union Building. With the hustle of school, sports, work etc. it is so easy for us to not have the time to go out of your way for someone, but this young man proved what being Colonel is all about.

Well done Tyler!

God bless Debbie Taylor