Top 10 shows to watch this fall

1. American Horror Story

American Horror story has been a crowd pleaser for the past five years. Starring famous actors such as Evan Peters and Lady Gaga. This season is called “My Roanoke Nightmare”. The story portrays a couple that move into a house in Roanoke, North Carolina. After a few nights, they start experiencing different paranormal activities throughout the house. I have been a fan of the show since the beginning. I enjoy that fact that each season has a totally different topic.

2. The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a new show premiering this month on Fox. Everyone has watched the Exorcist movies and almost peed their pants. Now, it’s time for a series. The show will feature two different priests that take on a family’s strange story consisting of demonic possession. I feel that this series will attract an enormous audience and be a success. Skeptics question is the subject matter of a show like this is real, asking if there’s really abnormal spirits surrounding us in the world? My advice is to check in to see for yourself.

3. Stranger Things

Stranger Things just finished its first season. It will be returning to Netflix for their second season soon. Talking to a few students on campus, it’s no secret that this show is a must-watch. It reveals unreal mysteries such as supernatural forces and secret government experiments. After watching the first season, I’m beyond excited for the next chapter.

4. Empire

One of my favorite shows to watch every Wednesday night is Empire. Luscious Lyons and his family go through many challenging obstacles to keep their hip-hop enterprise a float. The guest stars that perform on this show are out of this world. I like how this show incorporates the performing arts of dance and music.

5. Dance Moms

Dance Moms shows us the competitive life of dance and what goes on behind the curtain. This show is on every Tuesday on the Lifetime. Will this be the last season? Can the team survive without their star Maddy? Dance is a very competitive sport, it can be stressful and strenuous to your body. And the controversy that happens in this show is relatable to real life of dancers.

6. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is based on a comic book series. The storyline of this is the time period during and after a zombie apocalypse. The humans become more immoral in society than the zombies. The effects and graphics of this show are flawless. The show is entering its seventh season and it is still extremely popular, I recommend watching it.

7. Speechless

Speechless is a family comedy and is new to ABC this fall. Disability affects different families every day. It’s hard to overcome challenges obstacles in our world today with disability. Having someone sick in your family can be stressful.

8. Law and Order: SVU

SVU will be premiering its 18th season this month. I have been watching this show for years, and it never gets old. The cast list is insanely great. It’s interesting to see what the NYPD goes through on a daily bases. With crime being an ongoing and controversial issue in our society, it’s hard not to get addicted to the dynamics of SVU, and of course, Olivia Benson.

9. Gilmore Girls Reunion Show

Gilmore Girls hasn’t been on the air for ten years. But don’t fret, Lorelia and Rory super fans! It will be returning to Netflix in November for a reunion show miniseries. It will show us what the Gilmore women are up to now. This was one my favorite shows when I was a kid. Lorelia Gilmore is a single mother who raised her daughter, Rory to become a successful young woman.

10. Pitch

Pitch is a new show coming to Fox this year. It is a drama series with a storyline of a young pitcher is the first African-American woman to play in the major leagues. History is being made in this fiction show. She will have to face many challenges as she is the only woman in all male sports league.