Presidential health: Why is it important?

As the 2016 election cycle nears its end, and voters will head to the polls to choose the next president. Issues regarding the overall health of the candidates has sparked a national discussion on presidential health. Though the general health of candidates as well as the current president is always in question, the topic has received a large amount of attention as of late due to the democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, having contracted pneumonia.

Clinton’s health came into question when she was seen stumbling en route to her motorcade after visiting the Sept.11 memorial. Republican nominee Donald Trump’s health has also come into focus although no major health issues exist according to his doctor. However, the question of whether candidates are healthy both mentally and physically has become a key talking point in this campaign where it was not in the past.

Becoming a renowned public figure has its benefits, but it also brings a person’s life into full-view for the general public to see. This can become difficult, especially when dealing with personal issues such as general health. Wherein presidents such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was stricken with Polio, and John F. Kennedy, who suffered from Addison’s disease, had major health concerns, yet were both still elected to the office of president. The reason, however, that presidential health plays a major role in this year’s election is partly due to the age of the candidates.

The 70-year-old Trump is not far ahead of 68-year-old Clinton who will turn 69 in October. That makes Clinton and Trump two of the oldest candidates to ever run for president. Though health issues are no stranger to younger people the possibility of complications increase with age and while both candidates will be well into their 70’s during one’s presidency, questions regarding their health may always be of focus.

Though from the 1940’s healthcare and medical advancements have led to people living longer lives as well as being able to treat and solve health concerns successfully. Therefore, Clinton and Trump stand at an interesting intersection on the way to the General Election. One in which has brought physical and mental health of both candidates into plain-view. Leaving voters and the nation to question whether the health of either candidate should partly determine who to vote for.