North Korea creating more nuclear threats

On Sept. 9, the U.S. Geological Survey detected seismic activity in the country of North Korea. However, this was not an actual earthquake. It was the communist state’s fifth test of a nuclear weapon. Its second test this year, and the fourth time that the Obama Administration has learned of such event.

To date, this was the largest nuclear test in the history of North Korea. And with this, they have announced that they will soon be able to attach the weapon to a ballistic missile or other device and try to strike the western seaboard of the United States. President Obama has addressed the testing as, “a grave threat to regional security,” which this is true, but this is now a security problem for the United States as well. North Korea won’t be launching these weapons at Russia or China, who may have secretly helped them. They want to destroy South Korea and its democratic government. North Korea needs to be stopped and their government needs to be replaced for not only its threats to the world, but also to the deplorable way their citizens are treated.

Everyday since this test, the United States has flown B1-B supersonic jets being escorted by US and South Korean fighter jets. I believe this is the right move, we need to show force in moments like this. A nation that tries to destroy not only our way of life but South Korea’s as well can not, and should not stand. There also should be an up build near the North Korea-South Korea border also known as the DMZ. However, having a war with North Korea could turn into a much larger scaled event. North Korea has China to its west, and Russia to its north, two countries that most likely would back the north if war was to breakout. If this would occur, this war would switch from another Korean War to World War III.

Now its easy to say that we should go in and take out the current regime. But we have tried this before and it does not necessarily work. In the instance of South Korea it succeeded, but it had people who wanted this government and fought for it. Overall this is a problem that the United States and the United Nations have been trying to curb these nuclear bomb building/testing exercises for years. And in the end, they find a way to get around treaties and sanctions imposed by the UN, or they just flat out ignore them. If we stand around and do nothing than they will keep building weapons and they will keep advertising how they will be able to hit our great nation. Something must be done in order to make sure that they next generation of Americans and the next generation of South Koreans are able to live in peace.