“A letter to those against gun control, from someone who promotes it…”

Before I even get into what gun control is, I’d like to clearly state what gun control is not.

Gun control is not banning all guns.

Gun control is not taking away your protection. Gun control is not making it utterly impossible to obtain a weapon.

Gun control is not taking away your rights.

When I say I support gun control, I am supporting just that: gun control. I, too, believe guns are necessary and, in many, cases beneficial.

However, there is no reason for guns to be permitted for civilian use that can shoot off 50 rounds of ammo at once. There is no reason that it should STILL be legal to purchase the same weapon that has been used in 10 mass shootings in the past five years.

Moreover, there is no reason that I can understand why anyone should object to precautions as simple as more in-depth background checks.

These laws are not to inhibit you

They are to protect our country from the mass shootings we have become accustomed to. Many make the argument that guns can and will still be be obtained illegally, which in my opinion shouldn’t be an argument. Stricter gun laws would at the very least make things a little more difficult, and isn’t that a victory in itself?

I truly understand the need to protect yourself and the incessant plea to maintain your rights. But I am arguing that no one is trying to take that from you. Gun control would do just the opposite. It would further protect us and further our most important right — our right to life. People are not necessarily carrying them to schools, clubs or churches, as many of those places wouldn’t allow it. So, in fact, your gun wouldn’t be able to protect you in the instances of these mass shootings. The only person benefiting from the lax gun laws is the shooter.

I firmly believe this and I would encourage others to have an open discussion about it. However, don’t let differing opinions on this mislead you. I believe we all want the same thing: for our country to feel safe again. While some, including myself, believe this could be accomplished with stricter gun laws, others may disagree. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but before you make it, please consider this.

What if you were the family member of a victim that died in that Orlando night club, or that Colorado movie theatre a few years back, or any of the countless other mass shootings this country has seen?

I’ve always had an opinion on this issue but never felt strongly enough to speak out, and what convinced me to do so was how close to home the Orlando shooting hit for one of my best friends. She goes to school in Orlando, has friends that attend that pub regularly and even knows someone who lost their life. I don’t doubt that everyone is saddened and effected by what happened in that bar, but when it’s someone you know it opens your eyes in a whole new way.

So, I simply urge people to reconsider. I know it’s unlikely that anyone will change what they believe because of a measly little article, but at the very least I hope it will make you think.

Something has to change, and I for one would like to be a part of it.