Holding hands: The uncomfortable realization

Sometimes when my boyfriend and I walk along the campus paths, traveling from class to class, grabbing a bite to eat, or simply going for a stroll in the sunlight, I get a sensation.

Holding his hand is one of the greatest feelings in the world. He makes me feel complete, and makes my life whole. We make mistakes, all couples do, but we always overcome them, something some couples do not. So when I walk with him, I feel a desire to hold his hand.

I know we live in a society where LGBTQ+ people are accepted by the majority, adored by many, and sought after by some. I understand the number of homophobes will never be zero.

But when I walk with my boyfriend, I get an uncomfortable feeling that intrudes my delight of holding him closely, it is that I make others, a small few, uncomfortable and receive a feeling of disdain or questioning.

We live in an age of “marriage equality,” “pride parades,” and “same love,” but for all of the smiles or passive contentedness we receive from fellow students, I always feel a kernel of rage explode within me when I catch a glare or overly long, seemingly confused glance.

The reason for my anger isn’t shame or embarrassment, but for all the hypocrisy that is contained in that glare or near silent grunt. I see constant displays  of  affection  from  heterosexual couples, ranging from publicly acceptable, like holding hands or simple kissing, to obscene levels of making out and fondling.

I never see or hear the same dissatisfaction for these people. It makes me irate that a man and a woman can do as they please, but if I hold my boyfriend’s hand, I get a glaze of disdain from people who don’t even know me or my boyfriend.

If you’re going to do it to me, you better make it equal across the board.

We are equal, we are the same, we are all human beings. Start treating us as though we are the same.

I am not asking nor demanding, I am simply expecting it from you.