Hot yoga; hot topic

Since the New Year just started, many people have resolutions of getting fi t and healthy.  College students, fearing the “Freshman 15” and surviving on dining hall food and takeout, are no exception to these resolutions. A great way to get started at Wilkes is to use the free YMCA membership, or to attend a campus fitness event.

A great and affordable opportunity is offered by the Wilkes Adventure Education with its private hot yoga sessions.

At 11:15 a.m. every Tuesday, Wilkes Adventure Education hosts a private hot yoga session for Wilkes students and faculty at Melt Hot Yoga.  I finally had time in my schedule to attend, and on Jan. 26, I met my friend and the rest of the attendees at the 11 a.m. shuttle, since the yoga studio is in Edwardsville (about a five minute drive).

It seemed really intimidating—the room is heated to 105 degrees, and is extremely humid as well.  The heat helps to loosen muscles and joints, to increase flexibility, and help sweat out toxins in the body.  Fun stuff, right?

Yoga mats and towels are provided, and they have a locker room where attendees could change or shower post-sweat.

Many people seem to think that all yoga classes involve the instructor not saying any-thing and simply doing the poses along with the class, but that is not the case for this—the instructor explains the poses and goes around to help each person perfect their pose.

As someone who doesn’t have much experience with yoga, the class was very friendly to all levels of expertise, from beginner to advanced.

During class, I saw some faces with smiles and some with grimaces, and when it ended, most of the attendees, including me, looked like they had just stepped out of the shower, and smelled the exact opposite.

The pain and sweat and smell are definitely worth it in the end—I felt refreshed and strong and tired and calm, all at the same time.  And at $2 a class, or $20 for the entire semester?  Yes, please.