Why it makes more sense to be a cat person

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Dogs are great when you want a companion to play with and perhaps to get some fresh air with. However, when it comes to a more complex and intellectual animal, cats will always triumph over dogs.

It has crossed the minds of several cat owners over the years what their cat might be thinking. Across the room lies the quiet sleeping cat, so majestic and peaceful without a care in the world; or so we thought. But cats are stronger, more intelligent and less domesticated than people might perceive them to be.   

Sure, dogs might be extremely obedient once trained well, but getting a dog to that point is a lot of work for humans. Not to mention how needy they are and look for constant affection from their owner.

Personally I am a cat person. I lways have been and I always will be. Call me a crazy cat lady if you must. I will embrace my cat obsession and own it.

My cat definitely has a unique personaility. While sitting down for dinner most nights I prepare for battle between my cat and trying to keep the food on my plate. Honestly I think he enjoys the hunt and the thrill of it all.

He is definitely a physo cat in every type of way but that is what makes him such great company.

The reason for this manic behavior is because cats were never truly meant to be domesticated.

Cats are the descendants of the North African/Middle Eastern wildcat Felis lybica. This started the association with cats about 10,000 years ago, according to Psychologist John Bradshaw, who has been studying the behavior of domestic cats and dogs for over 25 years. However, the domestication of cats did not come until about 2,000 BC and has hit a few bumps in the road with the feline behavior over the centuries.

What really separates cats from the domesticated dog or any domesticated animal for that matter is their ability to plan their own mating time and not have it determined by their owners.

However, cats do cherish the relationship and bond they have with their owners. Cats treat their owners as if they were the mama cat.

Bradshaw points out a few key signs and concepts a cat might show to their owners if they feel comfortable and happy with them: At first meeting a cat will go up to a human with their tail straight in the air and rub up against them to make sure they are not hostile. Purring is associated with feeding and if a cat kneads their owner it relates back to how they used to get milk from their mother.

Do not let the love and affection cats show to their owner be mistaken for a needy or helpless animal that need to survive on human care.

Cats can go hours on end without needing care from their owners and many times prefer to be alone. Let’s not forget that cats are a part of the lion and tiger family and were sufficient hunters for their own meals not long ago and still enjoy the thrill of the hunt even today.

Ashley Potkulski, a fellow cat lover and junior theater major, shared an interesting story pertaining to her own cat.

“People underestimate the intelligence of cats. One evening we were all busy cooking our own dinner and suddenly we all watched in amazement as my cat gets up, walks into the kitchen where we keep his food and began to try and open the cabinet. To our surprise he was able to get it open and than proceeded to try and get his food bag open. I was completely stunned,” said Potkulski.

Even when we think our cats might not be paying attention and just lay around all day, they do stunts like that that make us wonder.

As much as humans have tried to domesticate cats over the centuries there will still always be a part of them that want to be wild and free. However, do not let their hidden undomesticated side fool you either. Cats may not always show love and affection to their owners on command, but they will always stay loyal and cherish the bond between cat and human.