University of Oklahoma students are expelled after Instagram video exposure

A disturbing chant sweeps the nation after going viral on social media.

Students from Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity at the University of Oklahoma were caught on camera chanting a revolting racial chant about never allowing African Americans in their fraternity.

The words used in the chant were sickening and completely disrespectful to the African America race. Not to mention a complete embarrassment to the Caucasian community. The two boys that were caught on camera singing the chant faced immediate expulsion.

The president of the university, David Boren, quickly shut down the Oklahoma chapter and ended all ties they had with them the following day after the video was released.

Students of all different races came together in front of the SAE house and supported the closing of the home. 

The two boys caught on camera are not the only ones facing the consequences. Boren is heavily investigating the 70 member fraternity and figuring out all that were involved with the chant and following with appropriate disciplinary action.

However, there are some that disagree with the president’s decision and think he acted to swiftly without considering all the factors.

A libertarian group, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education said, “It was unconstitutional for the university to expel fraternity members for their speech, no matter how hateful,” explained Manny Fernandez and Richard Perez from the New York Times.

Perhaps the president did act quickly, but he has his whole student body to think of. A student feeling unsafe or uneasy on campus is not acceptable to Boren. He did what he felt would make the student body feel more at ease on campus. 

“They [the two boy students] played a leading role in the singing of the chant and created a hostile learning environment for others,” Told Boren to the New York Times.

These students making such nauseating remarks need to understand that discriminating against different races is not tolerated. Frankly it is disgusting to see that we still have such racial hatred in the world.

This is the 21 century. Have we not grown as a whole that we cannot now look at one another no matter race, ethnicity or religion as our equal?

It seems there have been too much naivety and too much faith being put into people; thinking everyone is well rounded who do not discriminate against others. America is looked upon as a place of equality and opportunities. It would behoove us as individuals to think otherwise apparently.

Following this incident adds to why people look down on fraternities. These students obviously did not come up with this chant all on their own. SAE has been around for a while; and because of this a question arises.

Did the University really have no idea about this racial chant sang by this fraternity for so many years? Or are they only doing something about it now because it was exposed and posted on social media?

Students at Oklahoma University have claimed to feel some tension in the past due to race; however nothing has arose, (as we know of) until now. 

President Boren was right in his decision of the racial remarks made by the SAE fraternity boys. Let this be a lesson for all the members, students at Oklahoma University and others that have viewed the video of the fraternities chant. This is unacceptable behavior that should not and will not be tolerated. People that support that type of behavior are absolutely unpalatable and deserve any punishment or discipline given to them.