Liz’s Craft Column: Two different customizable earring holders

Earrings can be super fashionable but are sometimes really difficult to store. These two DIYs might solve this problem.

These DIY earring displays are easy to make and are multi-functional as storage and decorations.

The first earring hanger is an embroidery hoop hanger. The supplies needed to make this are one large embroidery hoop, any mesh fabric, fake flowers or ribbon, hot glue and scissors. These supplies are affordable and can be found at any craft store, such as Joann Fabrics or Michaels. 

To start, open up the embroidery hoop. Place the mesh fabric inside, and close the hoop tightly on it so that the fabric does not move. 

Cut the excess fabric around the hoop, leaving a little bit extra on the edge. Once the fabric is cut all around, glue the extra onto the embroidery hoop. This will make sure the fabric is secured in place well enough to hang the earrings.

Now, it is time to cover the metal size adjuster on the hoop. Fake flowers or a bow can be added to cover it up. The example uses small fake flowers, and these can be cut and glued on in any orientation preferred. 

To make a bow, start by cutting a piece of any color or designed ribbon. Cut it to be as large or as small as wanted. Make “bunny ears,” as if tying a shoelace, and cross the two ends of the loops over one another to make an “X” in the center. This should resemble a ribbon shape with a loop on top and two long pieces coming down. 

Now, hot glue the entire center portion together. This includes the middle “X” as well as the center of the top loop. The bow shape should now be apparent. 

To cover the center portion, cut a shorter piece of ribbon and wrap it around the center. Then, hot glue both ends of the small piece in the back, and cut off the excess. The bow is ready to be attached onto the embroidery hoop. 

The first earring display is now complete. Feel free to hang your earrings in the mesh holes of the fabric and display.

The second earring display is a burlap picture frame. The supplies needed are a picture frame of any size, burlap fabric, hot glue and scissors. These materials are affordable and can be purchased at any craft store as well. 

To begin, remove the back and the glass from the picture frame. Then, cut a piece of the burlap to fit inside the frame. Hot glue the edges of the burlap onto the back of the frame. Make sure to pull it taught, so the earrings will be secure in it and not move the fabric too much. Then cut any excess burlap. 

This earring hanger is the easier option to make, but they both have different appearances. The embroidery hoop can be hung on any wall, but the picture frame has the ability to be hung and also stood up on a surface to display. Pick whichever one suits you best, or both, and display them anywhere.