Students, faculty offer their unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with it comes some anxiety. Being an overtly commercialized holiday, there is a decent amount of pressure for couples to show their most romantic side on Feb. 14.

Many couples often find themselves at a loss for not only what to do but also how to feel about the holiday.

Dr. Chad Stanley, associate professor of English, admitted that he and his partner are going to go out for dinner and then going to see a concert together, which their child is very excited for.

“It is a great day economically, as well,” said Dr. Stanley. “A huge restaurant and entertainment night especially after COVID.”

He also warns students to not get too caught up in the bells and whistles of the holiday.

“It is a great chance to celebrate relationships and each other,” said Stanley. “Every day should be Valentine’s Day, but with that comes pressure. Try to keep all expectations realistic and enjoy each other.” 

Thankfully, Wilkes-Barre seems to have plenty of options for couples, friends and families that want to have a nice night out together without too much pressure or financial strain. 

On Feb. 11 Arts YOUniverse will be hosting an arts night for couples with a few different classes choices. There will be a “Couples Collage” art class, a “Candlelight Couples Yoga,” a ballroom dance class and a “Nearlywed Game” led by Angel Berlane to guide couples through some fun activities and light improv. 

At Millennium Salon and Spa there is also a special for couples massages. Couples can reserve an appointment for an hour, full body massage together or check out their couples mani-pedi options as well. 

And, as always, there are restaurant options around town as well as $3 movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Students also have many different plans themselves for what they will be doing on Valentines Day. Not only are some clubs selling cookies and valentines, but students have all kinds of plans for them and their significant others. 

For some, Valentine’s Day is their favorite holiday.

“I love all of the pink and the red, the flowers especially, and the gifts,” said Taylor Douple, junior early childhood education major.

She then went on to explain that it was not just the gifts that got her but the emotions behind the holiday as well. 

“I love being reminded that there are so many people in my life that I care about,” said Douple. “My parents have always made this a special holiday for me and it is a great day for people to show their love and appreciation for each other.”

Douple will be spending her holiday like many other college athletes: “classes, more classes and practice. Then I am spending the rest of my day with my girlfriend.”

Others have to find ways to spend their favorite holiday with their long-distance partners.

“My boyfriend lives in my hometown so we aren’t able to do anything on the day but I am excited because we are celebrating early,” said Lizzie Carter, sophomore nursing major. “We will be going to lunch then seeing a movie so it will be a cute day just the two of us.” 

Like Douple, Carter is more than happy to spend the day remembering that she is loved by many and spending that time with those close to her.  

So, what is actually done on Valentine’s Day? 

From the looks of it, many couples are using the day to step back and appreciate each other. While some are going on dates, buying presents, cards, chocolates and roses, all can agree that it is simply a perfect time to show each other their appreciation. 

To all of the singles and galentines celebrators, Valentine’s Day can be a day to also remember to love oneself and the platonic relationships that are just as important. Practice some self-care, eat chocolate and go to the bar with friends to spend some quality time with those that support you. Valentine’s Day is a holiday for all kinds of love.