Cocktail of the Week: The pink and sweet love potion #9


Give this drink a try for Valentine’s Day and you will be in love with it forever.

February: the month of heart-shaped candies and love! This is a perfect light drink to sweeten up your Valentine’s Day evening. It’s pink, made with strawberries and will cool down any butterflies about whatever plans you have for this holiday. 


1/2 cup ice

1/2 cup fresh strawberries, can also be frozen

1 scoop vanilla ice cream or flavor of your choosing

1 ounce vodka, could be plain but for a more flavorful taste try strawberry or vanilla vodka 

1/2 ounce white crème de cacao liqueur

1 strawberry for the garnish 


You’ll need a blender. 

Add the ice first, then the strawberries, ice cream and crème de cacao.

Blend until the drink is smooth. 

If the drink is too thick, add more liquor or milk. If it is too thin, add ice or ice cream.

Pour into a chilled glass. 

Garnish with the strawberry. 


[If you choose to diverge from the crème de cacao, you can substitute it with a different chocolate liqueur, however, it is recommended to use a white chocolate liqueur rather than a dark chocolate one because it will retain the pink coloring from the strawberries better.]


The Beacon reminds everyone to drink responsibility… and that the legal drinking age is 21