Cocktail of the Week: A Yummy “Talking Monkey” Martini


Make a Talking Monkey martini the next time you are feeling a little bananas.

Spending winter break monkeying around only to have come back to reality can leave a sour taste in any college student’s mouth so here is to the Talking Monkey! This is a fun dessert drink to sweeten and enhance the monkey business of the weekends.


1 ounce chocolate vodka

0.5 ounce ​espresso vodka

1 ounce banana liqueur

0.5 ounce coffee liqueur

1 ounce heavy cream

Optionally, espresso vodka can be substituted with coffee or espresso for added energy.


First, pour all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice and shake thoroughly.

Then, strain the drink into a chilled glass.

Garnish with whipped cream if you want an even sweeter treat. 



The Beacon reminds everyone to drink responsibility… and that the legal drinking age is 21