Programming board hosts first ever “Couch Potato”

Tater tots, french fries, pierogies, oh my


Students indulged in a buffet line of food courtesy of on-campus dining service. The buffet included mashed potatoes, french fries, tater tots, potato pancakes and mini pierogies.

On Feb. 18 programming board held a
spectacular-spud event in the ballroom.
The themed event called “Couch Potato”
featured all things potato related.
Everything from food, trivia, sack
races and more involved potatoes.
Students also had the opportunity to
compete in games against each other

for prizes, some of which were potato-
themed as well!

Maggie McHenry, sophomore digital
design and media arts major, was the
creator of the event. She shared her
obsession with french fries and even has
a french fry tattoo to prove it. McHenry
brought the idea to programming board
and was ecstatic when they approved it.
“We wish we could’ve had the food
earlier in the night and sit down together
to eat but with COVID restrictions
we had to make do,” said McHenry.
“Personally, I was most excited about
setting up the event and seeing everyone
show up. I love seeing students smiling
and enjoying themselves during the
Programming board kicked off the
night with a 30-question Kahoot game
of potato trivia. The top three winners
of the trivia game were awarded blankets
with cartoon potatoes on them, along
with a gift card to places like DoorDash
and GrubHub.
Next on the schedule was a game of
hot potato, where a few large groups of
students played separately. The game
did use a real potato, which added to the
festive atmosphere and the last person
standing within each group was awarded
a prize as well.
The first-year students especially
loved this event.
“I love the event, it’s chill, people are
having fun and smiling and enjoying

themselves,” said Sean Robinson, first-
year sociology and communication

studies major. “It’s a great way to destress
and relax after the week and a huge
shout out to the programming board for

doing this. What’s there not to like about
Robinson was asked if he’d like to see
more potato events in the future and he
said he absolutely would.
The night also featured a search for
three hidden potatoes in the room
and prizes were given out to whoever
discovered them. Plus, students had the
chance to sign up for potato sack races,
which got so competitive that some
students were diving to the finish line.
One student in particular, Alex
Schweitzer, first-year environmental
engineering major, jumped to the end
and rolled right into the prize table.
Fortunately, no students or potatoes
were harmed in the duration of the sack
Two students who are involved in
programming board spoke on how fun
and unique it is to attend an event all

about potatoes. Lauren Beaver, first-
year nursing major and general board

member, never thought of having an
event such as, “Couch Potato.” When she
thought about activities to do in college,
however, she found it to be fun.
“We are on the executive board and we
had a hand in coming up with ideas but
all finalized events are decided by the
president of the programming board,”
said Brynn Marlow, first-year nursing
major and analytical chair.
The menu featured all varieties of
potato foods. There was a buffet line
courtesy of on-campus dining services
with take out containers for everyone to
fill. Mashed potatoes, french fries, tater
tots, potato pancakes and mini pierogies
were available, along with everything
people needed to dip and enjoy them
To stay safe and in line with campus

policies, students had to stay socially-
distanced while eating and only were

permitted to have their masks off while
actively eating.
For more information and to stay in
the know of programming board’s future
events follow their Instagram account