Liz’s Craft Column: Customizable shag rug wall decoration

A vintage and unique decoration perfect for any time of year


This craft is a is a shag rug wall decoration. This craft is easy and does not require a tufting
gun to make the rug. It only requires supplies that can usually be found around the
house. It adds a cute and vintage touch to any space and can be personalized to your
taste. This craft is also affordable because it only requires a few supplies, which can be
found at any craft store.
• Four colors of yarn, which can be personalized
• Scissors
• Cardboard
• Hot glue

1. First, cut a shape out of the cardboard.
This shape can be personalized. The
example uses a heart but it can be a star,
circle or even a Wilkes logo, for example.

2. Then, cut the yarn into pieces that are
3 to 4 inches long. Cut a large amount
of these pieces in each color with
approximately equal amounts of each.
You may need more further into the craft
but try to cut a bunch of them ahead of

3. Grab a few pieces of the yarn, about
six or seven and line them up in random
color order in your hand evenly. Make
a line about 1 to 1.5 inches long out of
hot glue about an inch away from the
bottom of the shape. With the pieces of
yarn still in your hand, place the top of
the pieces onto the line of hot glue before
it dries. Do not push the yarn down onto
the glue because it will be hot but gently
place them down and the yarn will stick
as the glue dries. Adjust pieces as needed
to fill in gaps.

Cover the whole bottom of the shape
across with the yarn. Put another line
of glue about an inch above the existing
yarn line and repeat the previous steps
across the shape. Then, repeat this to
cover the whole shape.

4. Around the edges of the shape,
especially curved edges, put down a
line of glue and individually place yarn
pieces in random order onto it to make
sure it follows the edge of the shape and
it keeps its form.

5. Once the whole shape is covered, run
your fingers gently through the yarn.
This will straighten the yarn out and
remove any stray pieces. Cut any pieces
that may look abnormally long or out of
place. Then, cut around the edge of the
shape because pieces may hang long and
distort what the shape is supposed to be.

Once the yarn pieces are adjusted, the
shag rug decoration is complete. Feel
free to hang this on any wall for a fun
and unique touch.