Internships give a glance into possible career choices

Some college students worry about their future, and with the decreasing generational job placement rate, these worries may be well- founded. However, this line of worrying is the last thing students need on their plates with the stress of homework, exams, performances, clubs and other activities.

Through Wilkes, there are multiple resources and opportunities to help students take a hold of their future and shape it themselves. The Center for Career Development and Internships is a resource located behind the Henry Student Center on campus.

The office is filled with people eager to help individuals discover the benefits of internships — one of whom is Sharon Castano, the director of internships and parent programs.

One of the biggest benefits of internships is being able to “be sure that the work you will be doing in your career will be something that you will enjoy,” she said.

If you have trouble sitting still for long periods of time, the Center for Career Development and Internships can help you figure out what internships are best for you. There are several unique companies that offer internships to Wilkes students, one of which is extremely familiar to the Wilkes community.

For those who have done yoga with some furry friends on campus, an internship with Buttinhead Farms might be the perfect future match.

Buttinhead Farms is dedicated to giving customers an “unfor-goat-able” experience, and owner Ashley Raspen could use the help of someone who is social media-savvy. COVID-19 has helped her to learn and adapt to the times, as well as noting the importance of social media and virtual business pushes.

She runs the business primarily on social media and is too busy keeping up with “all 750 of her personalities.” Raspen is excited to learn from this intern and “teach young people the ability to grow a business from virtually nothing.” The position is currently filled, but future openings are possible.

An internship opportunity that is available is with Kaki Intimates, an intimate, bridal, baby and loungewear company dedicated to ethically creating their products. With COVID-19 in mind, the business has moved fully online with no in-person events.

With a social media intern, owner and founder Amber Watts would love to “be able to grow the company more with sales and indirectly grow jobs for local workers and make a real difference in what fashion can be today.”

Internships are a fulfilling opportunity to shape one’s future. Inquiries about unfilled internships can be sent to Castano (Sharon. [email protected]).