Stay stylish and warm with these trendy winter fashion tips

It is always hard to stay fashionable when the temperature starts to drop, especially when our days are packed with fighting the cold and traveling from class to class. Whether you want to look cute to feel more confident in yourself, or you need to attend a meeting with a more professional attire, you can still look the part and feel good doing it.

There are a few ways you can accomplish the ‘put together look’ while remaining comfortable for those long lectures. No matter how you identify or what your ideal outfits are, these tips are sure to spice up your style.

If you have ever had a cute outfit that you wanted to show off, and you suffered through the cold wind blowing through your open jacket, layering your clothes might help show off that trendy outfit.

Layering your outfits can be an easy yet surefire way to add something special to your day to day outfits. Start off with a thermal shirt to go under your chunky sweater to keep you warm. Pairing it with a pea coat or trench coat and a scarf can give you the look you love and the coziness we all want in the winter.

“l think layering outfits adds another dimension to someone’s fashion and gives the wearer more opportunity to play with pieces that go with the rest of your outfit,” said Reynaldo Perez, junior business administration major. “More layers mean more chances for expression in a person’s outfit.”

Arguably one of the most important choices to make when it comes to style is selecting the right shoe to go with your outfit.

If warmth is what your ultimate goal is, thick socks inside of a boot is the way to go. Boots come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter the look you can always find the perfect one to compliment your style.

Whether it’s a knee-high chunky boot that becomes the spotlight of the outfit, or a simple little bootie to keep your toes out of the snow, the options really are limitless.

“Shoes are a critical aspect of every outfit. They help pull together and compliment other items in your outfit. They really set the mood and can change the vibe of an outfit,” said Olivia Caraballo, senior mid-level education major. “In winter I try to be practical with my shoes because we get so much snow and ice. Boots with good traction or lining inside are usually my most worn in winter.”

Last, but certainly not least, accessorizing with winter essentials can also add personality to your outfits. Adding items like hats, gloves, scarves, or even earmuffs will provide warmth and there are many opportunities to use them to spice up a look.

Choosing a colorful scarf or a hat that has a unique stitching will add the depth you might be looking for in a winter outfit. Temperatures are steadily dropping, so these winter must-haves are key to a warm look.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, when it comes to combating cold temperatures, layering is important. Any part of your body that is exposed to the cold can lose its heat faster, which exposes you to things like frostbite or hypothermia.

The Department of Health says you should always have three specific layers that you can then remove if you get too hot. There is the wicking layer which is the one closest to your skin, so it should be breathable. The insulating layer should be something such as a knitted sweater to keep you warm. Lastly, the weather protecting layer which is a heavy jacket to protect you from cold winds.

Although fashion is fun and being able to feel confident in your look is important, make sure ultimately you put your well-being above a nice top or cute pair of pants. There is no right way to style an outfit. Fashion is all about expression and adding your own unique personal flair to your favorite outfits.