Senioritis: How is it affecting you, class of 2019?

This week marks the first week in April, and for many Wilkes University students, it also marks their last full month of school.

These seniors have overcome many struggles to get to where they are now, but have just one more hurdle to jump in order to get to that finish line of graduation: senioritis.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the affliction as, “an ebbing of motivation and effort by school seniors as evidenced by tardiness, absences, and lower grades.”

Many believe senioritis to be a myth, nothing more than an excuse to be lazy, yet to others it is a reality of trying to both get through their final semester and find a job with what little bit of steam they have left.

Aislinn Speranza, a marketing & communication studies dual-major, CEO of Zebra Communications, vice president of Phi Beta Lambda, captain of Wilkes women’s soccer team and an employee to three jobs on campus, is certainly feeling the strain of being stretched so thin.

“I feel like I am definitely in an awkward place because I have to do all of my homework, and take care of all my responsibilities that I have here at Wilkes, but I still have to look for jobs and try to be as professional as I can to continue the rest of my life in whatever workforce I go into.”

Having so much on your plate is a common theme at Wilkes, with many students wanting to take advantage of all the activities the university has to offer.

Romeo Rosario, a psychology major with a sociology minor, resident assistant in Doane Hall, BACCHUS President, e-mentor and the head drum major for the Wilkes marching band, also feels the need to try to be in too many places all at the same time.

“Trying to organize everything, and just trying to make sure you show up, because honestly just showing up to things is half the problem, is probably like the biggest challenge.”

That challenge will go on for another couple of weeks until many Seniors walk across that stage and claim their diplomas. Until then however, there still is a whole lot of school left, and Ben Saunders, communication studies major and director of technology who sits on the executive board for Zebra Communications, knows the challenges that still lie ahead.

“As of right now, I’m not overwhelmingly busy, but with graduation and final exams, projects and stuff on the horizon, I know a huge workload is about to crash down onto my head,” Saunders said.

Though everyone seems to be a bit on edge, and just wanting for all of it to just be over with already, when all three seniors who were asked, “Will you miss Wilkes?” Each stopped, smiled, and thought about just how much they will, in fact, miss this second home and everything it has meant to them.

“It’s become my home, and it has just always been there, even though it has been the cause of all my stress, it was for something good.“ said Rosario, with Saunders sharing a similar opinion of how comfortable it is to become at Wilkes.

“The whole routine and environment is something I’ve gotten used to and started to enjoy, and it is definitely something I’ll miss a lot,” Saunders said.

Speranza includes a further sentiment that is, quite honestly, the hope for every college hopeful, and the college experience personified.

“I am going to miss it a lot. I came in undeclared and now I am leaving four and a half years later with two degrees, tons of experience and a lot of new friends that I know for a fact are going to be my friends for life, even the connections I have made here. I will come back for Homecoming and it’ll be a bunch of familiar people that I am going to be excited to see.”

It is just time to buckle down and get it done seniors. You have proven that you can make it this far, and graduation is just a bit further to go.