Wilkes University to host annual Adventures in Science

Wilkes University will be hosting over 250 local elementary students in their annual Adventures in Science event on April 26.

Adventures in Science is held every spring semester and has been going on for about 15 years. This program gives local elementary students a chance to learn more about science and is designed to increase interest in the sciences and give students hands-on experiences.

Students have the chance to learn about science in several different ways through these programs. Unlike the Women Empowered by Science (WEBS) program that Wilkes University also has that is open to all female students, Adventures in Science is open to all fifth grade students.

“This program allows them to experience science in ways that they may have not thought of before. It is a really great way for them to get interested in anything science related,” said Jacob Buda, a junior pharmacy major and student coordinator for Adventures in Science.

This program is free for the fifth grade students in all of the local schools to participate and everything is funded by donations from the public and partially by Student Government at Wilkes University.

Adventures in Science also allows young students the opportunity to get experience in a lab setting via specially designed labs. Participants will go from lab to lab in the Cohen Science Center to conduct experiments and learn about each of the different types of sciences.

“With the different science experiments that we are having them do, it’s providing this really cool environment where they get to be with friends at a respected, scientifically-minded university with strong science programs. It lets them see the cool side of science not just the scary side with global warming and climate change the stuff that we see in the news,” said Sean McMonagle, a biology major and student coordinator for Adventures in Science

Students can participate in chemistry, biology and physics focused labs with members of the Wilkes University faculty throughout the day. One specific lab will give students the chance to look through microscopes at pond water to see the many microorganisms that live in the water up close and personal. These labs give the participants the chance to see science in a fun-based lab setting with the help of faculty and college students.

“My favorite thing is probably is watching the students when they see something new for the first time and their reaction on their face that is just pure excitement and interest. It is so genuine to see the impact that this program has,” said Ashley Wojciechowski, a senior biology major and student coordinator for the program.

Wojciechowski later shared that she was sad that she could no longer participate in the event after this year as it is her senior year and that it has been such an amazing experience for her.

Organizers of Adventures in Science are also still looking for students who are willing to volunteer and help out during the program. Wilkes student volunteers of any major are needed to show students around the campus. leading them from lab to lab and also to help in the labs that each group will be participating in.

The staff stressed that these volunteers are important to the program as the participants will get the chance to talk with college students. Volunteers will be provided with free breakfast and lunch as well as a free T-shirt for participating.

If you want to volunteer or are looking for more information, please contact [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], or  [email protected].