Bryce Vine returns to Wilkes University Saturday for his third performance

Singer, songwriter Bryce Vine will be performing at the MAC in UCOM at Wilkes University at 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 30. Vine opened for Hoodie Allen at the spring semester concert at Wilkes University in 2015, performed again in 2017, and is now returning in 2019.

“I don’t know man, every time I’ve been there I just get the best energy from the kids, the school, the staff and everybody there,” said Vine.

He said this is what keeps him coming back to such a smaller scale city.

“This is now the school I’ve been to more than anywhere else, I’ve never performed at a school this many times before,” said Vine.

Vine recently released a new hit single “La La Land” featuring YG on March 1 which he will be featuring on his set on Saturday. The song has a more laid back feel and playfully makes fun of Los Angeles culture.

“I wrote “La La Land” just with a buddy of mine and we were at his place and it was all over an acoustic guitar. We were low key making fun of LA culture even though we are totally embraced in it…It’s very sarcastic like: “You live in the canyon how big your mansion?”” said Vine.

He said it was not until he wrote this song that he realized that he should not be taking his job in the music industry too seriously. This song allowed him to have fun, especially being able to write it with one of his friends. The music video of the song was also recorded, is currently being edited and is expected to be released in the near future.

Vine also disclosed that he will be releasing his new album “Carnival” in the summer as he just finished writing and recording most of the songs.Like “La La Land,” the songs in the album will have more of a focus on the lyrics.

“Lyrics of songs were always what I followed. I love the storytelling of songs and hearing what other people are going through. It’s like therapy to me. My favorite band has a song called “Wounded” that’s about a friend of his (the artist’s) that was a victim of domestic violence and shes a different person now. It (the song) says “When you touch her skin, there’s sparks on it.” They could have easily talked about love and partying, and that was inspiring to me,” said Vine.

In the future, Vine plans to continue to collaborate with other artists as he has done with YG, Juice, Emma Zander and Wale among. He said he is currently working on a song with Steve Aoki, who is an electronic music artist and DJ and expressed excitement about working with him.

As for his upcoming performance at Wilkes, Vine will be playing two new songs from his upcoming album “Carnival” that have not been heard before as well as his well-known songs. Vine expressed that he can’t wait to hear everyone in the crowd sing the lyrics to his songs.

He said fans can expect this show to be very high energy and even better than the last two times he performed.

“Yo, I mean I just can’t wait to see everybody. Some people I’ll be seeing for the first time and hopefully others who I’ve already met. It’s a great group of people there. Both times, with the school, I’ve gone out with them afterwards and I really enjoy it there. I’m glad everyone wants me back,” Vine said.