Two-week study abroad trip to Malaysia offered this spring

At Wilkes, the study abroad office’s goal is to encourage and support study abroad experiences that are safe, immersive and academically appropriate. With this goal in mind, the study abroad office is offering a trip to Malaysia this spring.

The Malaysia study abroad trip is a two week experience and the cost is $2,875 per person. The cost includes the round trip airfare, all tour guide fees, transportation, breakfast every day and all entrance fees to activities. This trip is also one of least expensive study abroad experiences offered at Wilkes and the furthest away for all faculty led trips.

Dr. Gina Morrison, professor of Global Cultures, leads the trip to Malaysia and this is her fourth consecutive year being involved. Dr. Morrison’s daughter, Victoria Morrison also went on the trip last year and highly recommended it to other students.

“I gained a new sense of respect for Malaysia as a country, group of people, and history because they’ve come so far despite gaining their independence recently. The best part was seeing everyone’s faces when we got there because it’s the place I’m most proud of,” said Victoria Morrison.

Through this study abroad experience, students will have the chance to travel to jungles, see temples, see Malaysia’s modernity, etc. Since Malaysia is a multicultural country, it has several religions, languages and ethnic groups.While it is a diverse country, English is still spoken there.

Being exposed to all of the different aspects of one country means there is something for everyone to see and do.

“Going to the rainforest was one of the most exciting parts of the trip because you’re taken out of the city, so it’s very serene and you can only hear the trees and animals. It’s a great feeling to be connected to nature,” said Victoria Morrison.

Dr. Morrison also brings students to Kuala Lumpur, an elephant reserve, Batu Caves, Penang and Taman Negara, the oldest primary rainforest in the world which is 130 million years old. Students who attend will experience Malaysia’s modern city life as well.

“The purpose was to reflect on our own modernity by looking at another formula for modernity since their modern world is different from ours,” said Dr. Morrison.

There are several sites to attend on this trip, so students are provided with a train pass to be able to navigate to each of the sites. However, train is not the only form of transportation. Students will also be traveling by double decker bus, river boats and airplanes while in Malaysia.

There is also flexibility with the trip. It is a three credit course that involves projects and readings. However, one can take the course without going on the trip or go to Malaysia without taking the actual course.

Dr. Morrison has taken 22 students to Malaysia so far and four students even went back to work as teachers there. One student who went on the trip even ended up marrying a Malay.

“My favorite part of being involved is watching how much the students love it. They thrived when they went over there…there are very few places where you can get that much diversity in only two weeks,” said Dr. Morrison.

For more information on the study abroad experience to Malaysia, contact Dr. Gina Morrison at [email protected].

Featured are all the students who went on the trip last year in Brickfields, which is also known as Little India. Little India is a section of Kuala Lumpur.