Starting off the semester: Getting involved at Wilkes

As the fall semester of 2018 is getting started, several opportunities are arising for students to get involved. The campus holds events that allows students to get involved with different clubs, activities and social events throughout the semester.

In case you could not make it to this year’s club day, there are still many ways to get involved. The Programming Board and Wilkes Adventure Education are two examples that anyone who is interested can participate in.

The Programming Board puts together weekly events for students throughout the each semester held every Thursday. Some of the events that the programming board is known for hosting are trivia nights, bingo, ice cream and food socials, Family Feud, open mic nights and more.

Wing Wars is a specific example of an event held in November where local restaurants send different types of wings for students to try and vote on which ones taste the best. There even is a hot wing eating competition for students to compete in as well.

Another event coming up is Cupcake Wars, which programming board is planning to hold later this semester. At Cupcake Wars, students who attend get to decorate their own cupcakes. Each cupcake is judged in different categories by the programming board.

In addition, the programming board is holding “Freak Week” which is the week leading up to Halloween. Freak Week is a week of engaging, halloween themed events that all students are welcome to atttend.

To get involved, simply attend the events. They are held in lounge of the Student Union Building. Signing up is not required. Each event is organized to be an opportunity to meet new people on campus and to have the chance to make new memories.

“We just bring fun, relaxing events to our student body. If it’s a study break and if you need to relax every Thursday night, we have an option to pick which one they would like to do and they’ll just come and just have a good time. We have food and snacks and drinks and stuff like that,” said Kya Lewis, president of the programming board.

Wilkes Adventure Education is another way that students can get involved on campus. Jill Price manages the Adventure Education program responsible for weekend trips on outdoor adventures. Some of the trips that are planned for this September include Hot Yoga at Melt on Sundays, hikes at State Parks, and more.

These trips are organized in a challenge by choice setting. Challenge by choice is when students have the choice to reach out of their comfort zone and learn from doing what things they are capable of. To get involved, students just need to get in contact with Price and find out about upcoming trips and if there are spots available. Anyone can join and all they have to do is sign up for a trip or join an activity.

In October, Adventure Education is also going to Acadia National Park in Maine for a camping trip over fall break. along with open climbs at the rock climbing wall in the McHale Athletic Center. Everyone is welcome to come to the open climbs and try, even if they do not have any previous climbing experience.

Adventure Education is always open to new trip ideas and things to explore. If students have an idea for a trip, all they have to do is visit Jill Price’s office located on the first floor of the Student Union Building

“Students come to me with ideas and then together we explore how to make the magic. The purpose of experiencental education is so that students learn from doing,” said Price.

If you are planning your spring break, Price is looking to plan a trip to Ireland and Scotland. The estimated cost is $500 for a week long trip. She is going to plan the trip around what the students want to see. If sights like the Cliffs of Moher or Blarney Castle where you can kiss the Blarney stone are on your bucket list, contact Price for this chance.

For more information about programming board events or if you would like to join programming board, contact Kya Lewis at [email protected] or Leticia Patino Flores at [email protected]. Programming board meetings are also held on Thursdays at 11:30 a.m..

For more information, to join Wilkes Adventure Education, or to sign up for upcoming trips,  contact Jill Price either by email at [email protected] or stop by her office on the first floor of the Student Union Building in the student lounge.