WCLH program gives all Colonels a chance to DJ

Each day in the Karambelas Center, DJs on 90.7 WCLH play their favorite tracks for the Wilkes campus and community. Now, a new program is giving anyone on campus that same opportunity with the chance to be DJ for a day.

The newest WCLH program, “The Third Chair,” allows any student, staff or faculty member at Wilkes to play his or her favorite tracks for WCLH listeners.

No experience is needed to sit in the third chair, said WCLH Production Director John Michael “JM” Rey.

“The show is very informal and conversationally based,” he said. “There is very little pressure for the “DJ for a day” because experienced e-staff members will worry about operating the control board and automation system.”

Rey said he encourages students and staff to join the program as it “gives them the joy of being on air without the pressure of hosting a weekly show.”

The idea for “The Third Chair” came when Wilkes President Patrick Leahy paid a visit to the WCLH studio in November 2017. While on their air, he shared his own playlist of favorites with the station’s listeners.

Rey was one of the DJs sitting in with President Leahy as he explained the reasons behind his favorite songs. He called his appearance a “raging success.”

Parker Dorsey was alongside Rey during President Leahy’s appearance and immediately saw potential in the concept of a guest DJ.

“We talked to Kristen (Rock) and said how we wanted to do that again, but have a show dedicated for it, and for it to be open to all Wilkes faculty,” he said.

He named the show “The Third Chair” as someone new will be sitting in with the two DJs each time.

The show’s inaugural airing took place on March 16 hosted by Dorsey and Nick Filipek. Filipek who is also WCLH’s Marketing Director called it “literally the best test run that could have happened.”

Dr. Scott Stolte, Dean of the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy was the first to fill the third chair. Stolte’s playlist was one that Filipek called “very eclectic” and ranged from Harry Styles to Disturbed.

“He was also a very interesting man to listen to,” Filipek said. “Incredibly smart with some real deep thoughts on his selected playlist.”

Stolte called his WCLH debut a really fun time.

“The hour passed very quickly,” Stolte said.  “The conversation was easy and I got to expose people to my very diverse musical tastes. [Dorsey and Filipek] were very patient with my inexperience.”

While its airtime is currently based on availability, the program will have a set airtime during club hours next semester.

“I encourage other administrators, faculty and staff members to take a turn in the third chair,” Stolte said. “It was an experience I won’t soon forget.”

Those interested in being a featured guest on “The Third Chair” should contact station manager Kristen Rock at [email protected].

To listen to 90.7 WCLH live, visit WCLH.org.