Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

     Not sure what to do or where to go on Valentine’s Day with your special someone? No need to worry because The Beacon has got you covered. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or taking out your sweetheart, check out these fun and creative date ideas. Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, The Beacon.

Grab the popcorn

What better date night idea than to go an see a romantic movie with the one you love. Romantic comedies like “Forever My Girl” or joyful sing-a-longs like “The Greatest Showman” are the perfect movies to go and see with a bucket of popcorn in one happy and your loved one in the other.

Star light, star bright

Take a hike at a local state park and spend the night gazing at the stars. Bring a jacket and some snuggly blankets and see how many constellations you can find. Don’t forget on every shooting star, make a wish for more nights like this.

Flurries of fun

With all the snow coming down, the perfect date is right at your fingertips. Spend the day out in the snow. Having snowball fights, catching snowflakes on your tongue or make a cute pair of snowmen that match you and your partner. Remember, don’t forget the hot cocoa.

Get your armor

With some chairs and blankets the perfect fort can be made. Add glittery lights and pillows and you’ve got a night you’ll never forget. Plug in your laptop and through on your favorite tv show or movie and you are your beloved are set for a cozy night in.

Sweet tooth

Whether it’s breakfast for dinner or dessert all around, you and your lovebug can spend your night away in the kitchen cooking or baking your favorite foods. Who cares about the calories. Enjoy the night with a full belly.

Arms of steel

Challenge your paramour to a workout competition at the gym. For those athletic couples, see who really has the game they have been talking up. Don’t be embarrassed to get all sweaty that’s the whole point.

Break out the games

Invite over other couples or even your friends and have a couples game night. See who knows each other better and pick out a fun and exciting prize for the winner. Who could ever say no to a round of Cards Against Humanity?

Hold on tight

Ready for a night of laughs and falling on your butt, well then this is the date night for you. Plan a date of ice skating or rollerblading and hold onto your lovebird tight. Be careful not to bring your partner down with you if you fall, but always be there to pick them up.

Get crafty with it

You and your honey can spend the night creating and crafting some awesome projects as you break out some DIYs. Is there a project your sweetheart has been showing you on Instagram? Well, get some supplies and surprise them with a crafting night.

Brew some coffee

For you romantic love birds, wake your loved one and grab some coffee and watch the beautiful sunrise come over the mountain. You’ll be all snuggled up and with your favorite person in the whole world as you get to watch the world wake up.