“Love Notes in a Bottle”: Study Abroad Club fundraiser

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. No idea what to get your sweetie for the special day? Why not stop by the Henry Student Center and write a heartfelt note and send it off in a bottle to be delivered to your loved one.

The Study Abroad Club, a brand new club to Wilkes University, is hosting the “Love Notes in a Bottle” fundraiser. The club officially joined the Wilkes family in the middle of last semester, and this will be their very first fundraiser.

Cori Brown, a member of the Study Abroad Club, stated, “We are hoping to get our name out there and raise money for our potential trips in the future so that they will be less expensive for students.”

The “Love Note in a Bottle” fundraiser allows the students to write their own message, decorate a bottle with sand and shells, and send it off to the person of their choosing. There are two different sized bottles: a 3 inch bottle, which costs $2, and a 7 inch bottle, which costs $5.

“We chose this event because it was something we hadn’t seen on campus as a fundraiser yet. We wanted to bring something new to the campus,” Brown stated.

Anyone interested in purchasing and decorating a bottle will be able to during club hours, 11 to 1 p.m., on Feb. 6, 8 and 13 at the Henry Student Center.  All bottles will be delivered to the dorms and buyers will be allowed to take their bottle if they are purchasing it for a commuter.

For more information about the “Love Notes in a Bottle” fundraiser, or about the Study Abroad Club, please contact Cori at [email protected] or the Study Abroad Club’s president, Taylor Brusca at [email protected].