Career Planning Course offered in Spring 2018 semester

Struggling to perfect your resumé? Not sure how to go about applying to graduate school or jobs following graduation? Talk to your adviser about implementing the Career Planning course offered by the Wilkes University Career Services into your schedule to plan for future success.

“Prior to the class, we will have you complete a survey indicating what your interests are and if you would want to work with an alum, who has a job at your desired workplace. So, in addition to the weekly projects, you can become involved with an alum of your choice for a semester who you will be able to get to know via an informational interview,” said Carol Bosack Kosek, director of career services and professor of the Career Planning course.

CAR 398 is a one credit course that is offered for the Spring 2018 semester. It is essentially a college course that allows students to clarify their plans for the future regarding their occupations as well as possibly furthering their education with graduate school.

Although this class is only offered to juniors and seniors, it is a class that all students may want to consider incorporating into their schedule at some point.

“I am continually amazed by how critical interviewing skills are and how recruiters analyze every word, every look and every gesture that a student makes in an interview scenario. So, we really want to prep people with those skills in a highly competitive era like ours where one organization might be looking for only three top candidates for the position. Students really need to be able to promote their skills and educate professionals on how qualified they are,” said Kosek.

This course entails all of the work and tasks that every student will need to carry out upon graduating college and entering the job market. It will allow students to earn credit for work that will already have to be done with added guidance along the way. Assignments include building a resumé, filling out example applications, creating cover letters, participating in mock interviews, practicing proper business mannerisms and etiquette, while also learning how to promote themselves in the professional world.

“Junior year is often the best time to take this course. However, if it must be taken during senior year, first semester is much better to take the course than second semester of senior year to get the best experience. That way they are not sitting in their classes second semester of senior year with an incomplete resumé among other students who have everything completed. In addition, the more you practice these things, you begin to figure out what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy along with your strengths and weaknesses. It is better to figure those things out while you are still in college rather than when you enter the job market like I did,” said Lisa Mulvey, coordinator of career services and the assistant professor of this course.

Career Services also holds many different types of events around campus throughout the academic year to help students become familiar with alumni. Events include alumni mixers, career fairs, internship fairs and fairs geared toward specific majors. These events are helpful if you are unable to implement this course into your schedule.

“This class allowed me to connect with alumni in my field of study and benefit from their knowledge and first-hand experience. The skills we are taught will be helpful in transitioning from college to the real world,” said Sarah Hoffman, a junior enrolled in the Career Planning Course.

If you need more information about this course or about career development services, contact Career Services at [email protected], 570-408-4060 or visit the second floor of Conyngham Hall.