Good Morning, Wilkes-Barre! WCLH awarded top in the country

Shannon O'Connor , Asst. LA&E Editor

Turn up that dial on your radio and kick back to Wilkes University’s award winning radio station, WCLH, 90.7 FM.

Recently, a website known as Great Value Colleges (, released a list of the “30 Amazing College Radio Stations 2017-2018.” These 30 radio stations were picked from schools across the country based on what they offer, their dedication to the students and culture and their “pure excellence.” Wilkes’ own WCLH was given the spot of number 11 out of the possible 30.

According to Great Value Colleges “Wilkes University’s radio station made our list because of its ability to have a niche and be really dang good at it!”

WCLH is completely based on student-run programming and has been providing their talents to the Wyoming Valley area, as well as surrounding areas, since 1971. The station has an executive staff, entirely made up of students, which allows them to have a hands-on experience at running a radio station. The students are in charge of the production and programing of the material heard on the air.

WCLH plays 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This station carries everything from news, to alternative, to metal, to electronic and hip hop. This year the station also covers Wilkes sporting events. The station features a show about movies, actors and the famous soundtracks that have come out of Hollywood. In the past, WCLH has even had an auto talk show.

“We are really flexible when it comes to programming. Students have an idea for a show, we’ll roll with it,” Kristen Rock, the station manager of WCLH.

Rock said this award is something the station has been picked for in the past by a different website. Two years ago, WCLH was picked as one of the top 50 radio stations in the country by and still remains on that list to date. Rock says “It’s wonderful to be recognized for something like that. These kids work really hard so it’s great to have this recognition.”

Great Value Colleges said their favorite part of WCLH is the traditions they follow. These traditions are created and run by the students. They include Metal Mondays and Hip Hop Evenings. The directors of both these traditions were excited about this award.

“Our members produce diverse programming and provide outlets to the bands not heard on terrestrial radio.  That being said, the work put into the station pays of when we are recognized at a national level,” Kendle Peters, the metal director said.

The Hip Hop Director, Kya Lewis also expressed her joy.

“Personally, I think this is great because we have so much fun doing what we love on the radio and never expect any recognition from it, so to be awarded with this honor is a huge accomplishment,“ Lewis said.

Even after being recognized as one of the best in the country, WCLH continues to plan for new extensions on the network. With the new Karambelas Media and Communication Center, students have come up with lots of new ideas. Some goals for the future are to get out into the community more and create more events. Rock said one of the main goals is to bring in new people, whether that be students, faculty or staff, for possible new shows and interviews. If a certain department or club has something big going on, such as a research project or an event, WCLH would cover it. Being in a central area of campus, there are new reporting opportunities for WCLH.

To hear the sounds of this award winning radio station, tune in to 90.7 FM, visit their website at or jam out to WCLH outside the Karambelas Media and Communication Center at 141 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre.

Individuals who are interested in joining the WCLH station, or have an idea for an interview or show, can contact Kristen Rock at [email protected] for more information.

If you’re interested in WCLH and want to join or have an idea for a show or interview, contact Kristen Rock at [email protected] for more information.

Graphic by Todd Espenshade