Everyday we’re shoveling: How to spend a snow day, or four


The Beacon/Purvit Patel

Winter Storm Stella left the Wilkes campus looking a bit like a ghost town with a four day snow day streak. Pictured above is the back of the Cohen Science Center, with mounds of snow building.

Snow storms often lead to cancellations of classes, which may cause joy because people can finally take a much needed break. Stella caused the university to close recently for four days in a row. Students were faced with the decision of how to spend all of that free time. Here are five suggestions of how one can spend their next snow day.

1.  Get ahead on classwork

Although this might not be someone’s first choice, it can not be forgotten. College is often full of students who feel swamped with school work or extracurricular activities. A day off is the perfect opportunity to get ahead and feel good with your work. At least one hour of school work on your snow day may help someone feel a lot less pressure when classes start up again.

2.  Spend time with family

If someone is a commuter, they will be able to relate to this one. Being in and out of college classes and meetings all day can be exhausting. One may begin to see their families less and less. A snow day is the perfect time to catch up with different family members. This can include playing games, watching movies, or even just eating meals together.

3.  Order a lot of take out

This one depends on the amount of snow that the area receives. Normally, one can call for take out at pizza places, Chinese restaurants, or whatever anyone wants. During Stella, most places were closed. However, if one can call for delivery, stock up and order a lot of food. This is fun in the resident halls because everyone can order different food and create a “smorgasbord” of food to share.

4.  Play in the snow

The obvious thing to do during a snow day is to play in the snow. The campus greenway makes for a great place to have a snowball fight or to play football in the snow. If students want to go sledding with no sled, it’s time to be innovative and look around the dorm rooms. The lids of bins can easily be used as a sled and some lids of certain trashcans can be used as a sled as well.

5.  Sleep 

One last thing that one can do during a snow day is sleep. Use the snow day as a way to catch up on the sleep that one may be missing out on during the semester. This one was saved for last in case none of the other options seemed appealing. Sleep is something that almost everyone gets excited about, so if all else fails, sleep the snow day away.