Poet of the week: Colored Men’s Pain

Melissa Irizarry, Staff writer

This week’s poet is an Freshman English major here at Wilkes University.

Colored Men’s Pain

I hope there’s sunshine

Beyond all this rain

We’re losing people that

Heaven gains

Trayvon, Micheal,

Justice for Jonathan

Killing the innocent

Because of their dark skin

“Cops keep you safe

Protect and defend”

But cops are out killing

Our families and friends

Innocent people

A brother, a son

Jonathan’s children’s

Lives just begun

But just like that

They lost their father

Shot by the cops in

The arms of his mother

Tell me please

Where is the justice

When cops and watchmen

Are the people behind this

But we should sit back

Watch and be quiet?

What gives us the right

To protest and riot?

But you have rights

From a badge and a gun

To kill innocent men

Not carrying one

I hope there is sunshine

Beyond all this rain

I hope there is justice

For colored men’s pain

– Melissa Irizarry