Crafting with MaryKate DIY garage stool







Things you’ll need: 

-Sand Paper

-Garbage Bag

-Staple Gun

-Bating or Foam


-Fabric of your choosing

-Spray paint


1. Get supplies ready. Lay down garbage bag, remove stool seat if possible (cover is needed), place stool on garbage bag. Make sure you are outdoors.

2. Use the sand paper to sand off any previous paint on the wood as well as make a clean smooth surface for paint to adhere.

3. Coat the entire stool with spray paint. Apply multiple coats as necessary.

4. While the stool is drying, use batting or foam cut to the size of the stool seat to add more cushion.

5. Cover stool seat with a fabric of your choice.

6. Staple fabric to the bottom of the seat so it remains in place.

7. Feel free to use stencils or even free hand paint on the legs of the stool.

8. Replace stool seat.

9. Enjoy your newest conversation piece.