What in carnation?: Student does dorm room DIY


As the school year commences, one might be thinking of ways to add a personal touch to their home away from home. A great way to do that is a Do It Yourself project that will make people on their floor envious.

Whether the DIY project is for fun, decoration, or just to save some room, it is a way to spice up your living situation and relax at the same time.

MaryKate Hubbard, a sophomore living in University Towers, did a creative DIY project on her living room wall.

She used fake flowers from Michaels and hung the flowers together in rows of three using green yarn and then hung them in rows using a command hook behind each flower.

Hubbard warns that the flowers can get pricey so everyone should “watch out for the coupons!”

She got the inspiration to produce her masterpiece from her best friend from home.

“She had done something of a smaller scale on her bedroom wall with only flowers of the same color,” she said.

This project took less than four hours and she said that it was worth the time it took because it was simple, quick and added a piece of her personality to her apartment.

“Anyone who comes into our room immediately notices the wall and how much color and liveliness it adds to our apartment! I think people really like it,” Hubbard said.

She said that she loves DIY projects because they are simple, quick and fun to create. Hubbard said that when people compliment her DIY project it means so much more because its not something she bought, it is something she created.

“My favorite DIY project is just to buy a bleach pen from Walmart and a plain T-shirt. It’s cheap and you can create whatever design you want.”

Hubbard encourages other students to get involved with letting a piece of them show in their living conditions.

If you or someone you know has a great DIY project to share with the campus, email [email protected].