Students can try to get lucky during Casino Week

Casino Week at Wilkes University is one of many events Student Government works tirelessly on in order to offer students a fun and exciting experience.

This year’s casino week will be happening between April 5 and 7. In the meantime, those who set their eyes on particular prizes can begin strategically planning for bringing home the big ones.

For those who decide to make it a fun night out with friends, well, it’s a time to get out, have fun and possibly win a prize. No matter the motivation, students can expect to see prizes on display within the Student Union Building within the coming weeks.

Sophomore Cody Morcom, executive treasurer of Student Government, is responsible for formulating a budget for casino week and said the event was awarded around $13,000, including prizes and supplies. The Student Government body, as a whole, has already met several times to decide what prizes students might expect to see. 

Morcom expressed that there are a number of changes being made to this year’s casino week, as well.

The first change is in regard to the size of the prizes. Fifteen prizes have been chosen to entice students to play, from a kayak to a mountain bike and various seasonal items, as well.

The second change comes in an attempt to simplify the chip system. In years past, two different colors of chips were used to represent different values toward being awarded tickets for prizes. However, this year, the two chip system is no more and has been implemented with a simpler, one chip system.

“A lot of people in Student Government put a lot of work into Casino Week and all of the events on campus,” Morcom said. “We want to make everything all about our students and making their experience both eventful and exciting.”

Casino Week has been an extension of student government activities for many years; however, the student turnout has increased ever since its creation. Morcom referenced the record-breaking number of students who had attended last year’s casino week and is confident in witnessing an even more fruitful turnout this year.