Kanye cries money trouble; asks Zuckerberg for bailout

For many people $53 million dollars is a considerably large amount of money. However, one celebrity feels he is entitled to more.

Kanye West recently went on Twitter claiming he was more than $53 million in debt. This news was shocking considering The College Dropout’s prominence in the music industry and many business ventures.

Kanye went as far as to beg Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, to bail him out via a tweet.

The reaction to Kanye’s recent public declaration also spurred a GoFundMe campaign spearheaded by Jeremy Piatt.

Wilkes students, however, were not as concerned for Kanye’s financial state.

Michael Legg, a history major, felt Kanye accumulated this much debt by living the rockstar lifestyle filled with “tons of … partying.”

When asked how he believed Kanye lost so much money, computer science major Collin Gryskiewicz echoed words similar to Legg’s.

Khadijah Venable, an integrative media major, offered a different view of Kanye’s recent twitter tirade by noting the expensive price of Kanye’s clothing line.

“The pricing of his clothing is ridiculous, have you seen the cost for a pair of Yeezy’s?” Venerable said. “The man is asking a thousand dollars for a pair of shoes…it is no wonder he is losing money.”

Fellow integrative media major Annie Stauffer was shocked that Kanye had the audacity to ask Mark Zuckerberg for the money over Twitter.

Other students like Aneal Knowles, an undeclared freshman, believe this is all a publicity stunt for more attention, and feel no one should give Kanye any money.

“He is an egotistical jerk,” Knowles said.

However not all students had negative things to say about Kanye.

Both Aneal and Stauffer agreed that when Kanye first emerged on to the music scene, he was an excellent producer, a feat no one can take that away from him.

In general, students seem confused by the recent shenanigans, including biology major Vihesh Ramlall.

“I actually do not mind him,” Ramlall said. “He made a couple good songs, but he made no good life decisions. He married a Kardashian and named his son North. Is he trying to make a compass now?”