Underwear: Which pair should I wear?

Jennifer Magnotta, Staff Writer

Life hands us many difficult choices everyday—choosing a pair of underwear shouldn’t be one of them. Here is a list of seven different types of panties, plus an explanation of what each one is and when to wear them.

1. The Boy Short

The boy short is designed after men’s briefs and holds a rectangular shape. They are similar to the hipster style but the hipster panties have a lower-cut leg hole.

This type of underwear should be worn with formfitting clothes because it serves the same purpose of a thong. The longer leg style can also be worn as loungewear.

2. Briefs

You may know these as “granny panties.” Briefs provide full coverage and have a high waistband.

Briefs should be worn under high-waist bottoms.

3. French-Cut

French-cut panties are also known as high-cut panties. They are the same as the classic brief; however, the French-cut provides a high-cut hole for the leg.

You should wear these if the elastic on classic briefs is uncomfortable.

4. Hipsters

Known as hip-huggers, hipsters have a waistband that lies two inches below the waist and have low-cut leg holes. These panties provide full coverage.

Low-rise jeans and pants are a perfect match for hipster panties.

5. Bikini

The bikini panty is fashioned after bikini bottoms. They sit three inches below the natural waist and have high-cut leg holes.

These undies are less visible under clothes and can practically be worn under anything.

6. Thong

Let me see that thong? No, because there is no coverage on the butt, resulting in no panty lines! The thong rests right at or above the hipbone.

This is the perfect pair for tight, formfitting clothes.

7.  The G-string

This tiny pair provides little coverage regarding both the front and back.

Wear these on your next hot date.