Wilkes takes a firm stance against violence

Wilkes groups are teaming up with community organizations to raise awareness regarding all forms of violence.

WCLH, the student-run radio station on campus, and BACCHUS are hosting an event entitled “Stop The Violence, Stop The Hate” on Oct. 22 in the Henry Student Center lounge from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The groups have invited the Domestic Violence Resource Center, Victims Resource Center and United We Stand / Divided We Fall to provide information and resources to the campus community during the event.

“WCLH has a concern with raising awareness about violence because, not only does it seem to be increasing around the Wilkes community, we also lost a WCLH DJ, DJ Moe, two years ago on Oct. 13,” Kayla Bucci, the WCLH promotion and information director said.

“We are not just honoring what he’s done for WCLH, but making the community aware that it’s still active.”

This event seeks to raise awareness across all forms of violence, as well provide a tribute to DJ Moe, a former WCLH DJ and victim of gun violence.

Coming together to host this live remote broadcast with WCLH, BACCHUS has its own interest in promoting a healthy and safe lifestyle.

“BACCHUS has always tried to take a leading role when it comes to tackling issues such as sexual violence on college campuses. It’s hard to find an issue that’s more relevant to students here at Wilkes so, we thought this was a really important opportunity to raise awareness for this issue,” President of BACCHUS Troy Carey said. “Not to mention, the size of this issue makes an event like this hard to plan on your own. I know coming together with WCLH is going to make this a very successful event.”

This event is intended to bring the Wilkes community together and acknowledge and inform Wilkes students on such issues related to violence.

“Students should come out to hear from speakers in the community to become educated on violence and what they can do to help someone in a violent situation. Lunch will also be served and there will be lots of giveaways,” said Markeata White, WCHL programming director.

For more information on the event contact Kayla Bucci at [email protected].