Live, Love and Dance

Live Love Dance is now offering dance classes to college students on the second floor of the Wilkes-Barre YMCA. Classes include jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet, lyrical, twirl and baton.

“Dance is not only a great form of exercise, but it is also mentally relieving,” said Janet Nevel, artistic director for Live Love Dance. “I want everyone to feel like they have a dance family. Instead of taking time off when you go to college, you can still continue your passion for dance with us.”

Nevel has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She has previously taught at three other dance studios and is a former dancer for the University of Scranton Dance Team. Her favorite genres of dance have always been tap and jazz.

“Dance is my passion. This is my dream job. I love teaching about something that I am so passionate about,” Nevel said

Live Love Dance has a variety of classes available with five different teachers. There are classes for all ages and skill sets.

“I find great joy in my students and their accomplishments. The individuals I teach have a great deal of impact on me, as well,” said Shana Kwiatkowski, a senior who serves as ballet and pointe teacher. “Each student is extremely unique and has their own set of talents and challenges.”

The dance studio hopes to build friendships between students and enable them to express themselves with other artists sharing the same passion.

“As a highly involved student on campus with a background in dancing for over 13 years, dancing at this studio gives me an opportunity to relax, work out a little and be creative,” said Kristen Lopatofsky, a junior at Wilkes University. “Miss Janet is also very flexible when it comes to something you would like to work on and she understands our busy schedules.”

Any student interested in taking a course at Live Love Dance might be persuaded by the discount the studio offers to students. The teachers within the studio hope that once students are introduced to the classes, they will have a lasting involvement in dance.

“I hope the college students will grow with us, so that they have a place to go. Dance was always a place I could go growing up where no one judged you. Everyone comes together and becomes one happy family,” Nevel said.

For more information, students are asked to call the studio at (570) 970-5055 or contacting the studio via e-mail, at [email protected].