P.O.D. replaces Stark Cart and lounge; some students feel misplaced


Ever run out of milk and not feel like running 20 minutes to the store to go buy it?

That problem is now fixed with the new convenient store on campus. Located on the first floor of the Stark Learning Center is the P.O.D. Market.

There, you can find fresh food and produce along with many daily essentials. The P.O.D. Market tries to provide customers with quality, a wide selection and value in each purchase.

Inside the P.O.D. Market is Greens On Go, which offers fresh, health and quick eating options.

“It (The P.O.D.) is as convenient as the Stark Cart was,” Grace Cadigan, a junior biology major said. “If I want to grab a coffee or snack before class, I still could, so that’s good.”

The appeal to the P.O.D Market is the variety of goods and fast service.

“It’s a good size for a store and there’s a large selection,” pharmacy major, Sarah Brozena said. “I went to Which Wich first and there was a huge line. Greens on Go is so much quicker.”

Convenience and variety comes at a cost, though, as many students are finding out.

“The prices are a little high compared to going to regular stores,” Cadigan said. “Many students used to use this area to study when it was a lounge but now we don’t really have anywhere to go.”

Brozena agreed with that comment adding, “There needs to be more of a sitting area.”

Although most like the 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. hours of operation for the P.O.D., some students said they wished it was open on the weekends along with Greens On Go staying open later. Their current hours are 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.