WUPB Hosts Silent Disco

Macey McGuire, Contributing Writer

Imagine a dance floor with no music. You walk into a room with flashing lights and lasers but you don’t hear a sound, except maybe a few laughs here and there.

The Wilkes University Programming Board sponsored an event called a Silent Disco on Thursday, April 16, 2015 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the Wilkes University Henry Student Center second floor Ballroom. The Programming Board got the idea for this event at a conference they attend every year called NACA or National Association of Campus Activities. At the conference the Programming Board was able to experience a Silent Disco through one of the NACA showcases.

“We wanted to bring a Silent Disco to Wilkes because we had fun and learned a lot about each other through the games we played and music we danced to at the showcase,” Valerie Woods, a nominee for President of the Programming Board, said.

A Silent Disco is exactly what it seems to be; silent. At the event, students were provided with wireless headphones that had two different channels the students could choose from to listen to. The first channel “A” had classic throwback songs and channel “B” was playing current popular music. The DJ was relaying the music to the headphones as the students danced. To anybody walking past this event, they would have seen people dancing around in a silent room with flashing lights and lasers, but to the people wearing their headphones it was a club-like experience.

“I went to a Silent Disco at a night club once somewhere in Tennessee. It was an average night in the club, crazy lights, smoke machines and lasers. The only difference was this club had three DJ’s instead of one and were all playing different kinds of music. It was funny because if you took your headphones off, you could tell what people were listening to by the way they were dancing,” student Alex Fahnestock who attended the event Thursday night said.

The Wilkes Programming Board is known for their Thursday night events held for students.

“For next year’s programming events, we plan to raise the bar, make new events, bring bigger and better event ideas to campus and find different venues to come in to make the student experience more wonderful than it already is at Wilkes. Anything we think the students will like, we will try our best to bring it to Wilkes,” Woods added.

For more information on upcoming events on the Wilkes campus, you can visit their Facebook page by searching Wilkes University Programming Board.