Zebra Communications teams up with Student Athletic Advisory Committee to host Charity Challenge

The Embrace a Child in Tanzania account team of Zebra Communications is partnering with the Student Athletic Advisory Committee to host the Charity Challenge. This will be a fundraising event that will benefit the Make a Wish foundation and Embrace a Child which is a charity that sponsors orphan children in Tanzania.

The event will consist of teams of four competing in competitive activities throughout the day. The teams will participate in athletic challenges such as a relay races and truck pushes. The Charity Challenge is going to be Sunday, April 12, 2015 at the Ralston Athletic Complex.

“This is a unique and fun opportunity for students of Wilkes to get involved in an event benefitting two different charities,” senior Stephanie Hahn shared. “We also want to invite students of Kings, Misericorida, and Luzerne County Community College to come out and participate in this event.”

Many of the Wilkes athletic teams are encouraged to come out and bring their “A Game” against fellow classmates and friends. Not only are athletic teams encouraged, but anyone who is willing to compete all for a good cause. Some students are looking to go against friends on opposite sports teams for a fun challenge.

“I’m most excited to compete against Jared Powell and his team,” men’s basketball player Alec Wizar said. “Cameron Hinkel and I are excited to prove that we are the superior athletes in Wilkes Communication’s department.”

On behalf of the football team, Jared Powell claims he is just as excited to take on his fellow Communication Studies majors.

“I know Cam and Alec will be participating in the events, and I plan on taking them, and their respective teams, down,” said Powell. “I know they are both as competitive as I am, so I will be looking forward to the event!”

Apart from the competitions and a day filled of challenges, the main idea to the event is to get a lot of students involved to support great charities like Make a Wish and Embrace a Child. SAAC has had success in the past working this fundraiser, and the Zebra account team is excited to be part of it this year.

“Participating in an athletic event to raise money for good causes is extremely effective because it offers competition and enjoyment, but it also gives participants the chance to help others,” Wizar said. “Win-win situation.”

Challenge your friends to come out and support SAAC and Zebra Communications!