Creativity and imagination: Wilkes Art Club


Students have an outlet for their creativity and imagination thanks to the Art

Club at Wilkes.

“I enjoy Art Club because it is a comfortable environment where I can just relax while doing

creative projects and talking to friends I don’t get to see often,” said member Nicole Kutos.

The club meets once a month in Bedford Hall, room 110. It is run by Kutos, Israel Rodriguez,

Kelly Sones, and adviser Sharon Cosgrove.

Kutos encourages people to join, regardless of experience.

“You just need to be willing to let yourself be innovative and try new ideas,” she said.

Sones handles contacting the members of the club by letting students know when the club will

meet. She also recommends students join because it is a great place to meet people, and because

creating art is fun.

The club has done various activities this year such as finger painting, card making, watercolor

painting and doodling sessions. Every meeting is something different, which allows the club to

appeal to a variety of students and gets them involved in activities the students may not have

done before.

The Art Club, along with several other campus clubs, also plans to work on a project for the school.

Rodriguez explained that one of the business-focused clubs is opening a student store in UCOM.

The store will be used for students to sell their own products to other students. The students will manage it.

Studio 20 is working with the Art Club to design the store. Rodriguez said the space lacks color,

so that is a priority. Studio 20 and the Art Club will decide on a design, and then the Art Club

will paint it.