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Maddie Davis and Parker Dorsey

February 11, 2020

The XFL's 2020 season is off to a hot start with the first four debut games finishing up this past weekend. Although the XFL pre-existed and failed in 2001, football fans are eager to see what the new innovative league has in...

Remembering legendary drummer and rock icon Neil Peart

Parker Dorsey, News Editor

February 4, 2020

Neil Peart, world-renowned legendary drummer for Canadian rock band Rush, passed away Jan. 7 after a three and a half year battle with glioblastoma. He left behind a musical legacy that spanned over 40 years. I was lucky enough...

Bre’s Beats: Styles releases outstanding sophomore album

Breanna Ebisch, Staff Writer

January 30, 2020

Harry Styles has already made quite a name for himself in the music industry. Besides being a member of arguably the world’s biggest boyband, One Direction, he has also starred in an Oscar-winning movie “Dunkirk,” become a ...

Golden Globes host Gervais offers a ‘Golden’ Start to 2020

Sarah Weynand, Staff Writer

January 30, 2020

Premiering live on Jan. 3, The Golden Globes seemed to roll out the carpet for the new year and decade. This night, usually filled with laughs and heartwarming speeches was a wake-up call to everyone watching. The award show is ...

It’s unfair to base holidays solely around the Christian calendar

Zarqua Ansari, Staff Writer

January 30, 2020

The Western or Gregorian calendar used in America is a staple household necessity. It outlines major events and holidays, indicating time to be given off for work, school and vacations accordingly. However, according to author...

Our Voice: Fiers should not be praised for exposing cheating

Beacon Staff

January 30, 2020

Each week, The Beacon’s editorial board will take a stance on a current issue. The baseball world is mourning right now. Not the death of a person but the integrity of the game appears to be lost in the wake of the Housto...

The Top Ten Metal Albums of 2019

Parker Dorsey, News Editor

January 28, 2020

If 2018 was the year of solid but not spectacular metal, then 2019 was the year of comebacks. Tool, Exhorder and Possessed each released their first new album in decades. This list had been revised about four or five times simpl...

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