Campus Style: Who the heck is this girl?


Not really sure where to start with this! My name is Haley Adam and I am about to enter my Senior year of college, which is terrifying and exciting at the same time. Its like that feeling when you are on a roller coaster and you are about to hit that steep drop. Your stomach is in knots but you are having a blast. College has definitely been a roller coaster ride for me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love to write. I love soccer.  I love my friends.

I hate Brussels sprout, drama, and math!

My day is made if I can make someone laugh and my life motto is to “always stay true to yourself”. I can’t get enough of cliché movies like The Notebook and Titanic and I am a sucker for a chocolate cake.

I will travel the world one day, and that’s a fact.

Lastly, I believe that expression through fashion is EVERYTHING!!!