Student-athletes react to $8 million Ralston enhancements

Six representatives comment on the Bruggeworth Field addition, the multi-purpose turf field that will benefit six athletic teams

All Photos: Wilkes Athletics

Matt Reinert ’20 – Baseball Outfielder

“We’ve created so many memories at Artillery Park, and the history surrounding that field is pretty spectacular. Not being able to play on that field is sad, but the new field looks awesome. Having a turf complex is such an advantage with the weather we typically get. We’re excited to get out on the new field and make more memories.”

Julia Kiss ’20 – Field Hockey Midfielder/Defender

“One of my favorite parts of playing and watching sports is the atmosphere and how everyone gets so invested in the game. Listening to Shaina Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” while walking down the stairs has become a pregame ritual that helps get the team going and keeps us focused. With the new athletic facility, I think it will be really exciting to see what kind of traditions are sparked from these renovations.

Kyle Bentz ’20 – Men’s Scoccer Midfielder

“I think the new turf field is great for the school and great for the program. Hopefully, it provides an atmosphere the fans who come and watch can enjoy, along with everyone who plays on the field.”

Sam Cecere ’20 – Women’s Soccer Goalkeeper

“Previously, we had to coordinate with several sports teams to plan practices, leaving us little flexibility. There are many great memories on the original field, many memorable wins as well as hard losses that have shaped us into the team we are today. Even so, I believe it will be nice for us to start next season on the brand new field we are all very excited to have.”

Luke Palladino ’22 – Men’s Lacrosse Attack

“Our team was ecstatic to hear about getting a new turf, especially with coordinating practices. ‘The Dojo,’ as Coach Jaques calls it, holds so many memories and will always have a special place in our program. When recruits come to visit campus, they will be blown away by our new facilities, and that plays a huge role in deciding what school you want to attend.”

Sierra Duman ’21 – Women’s Lacrosse Attack

“Wilkes is always finding something to improve with their athletics and just the entire campus in general. We are very excited for the new enhancements, and we can’t wait to test them out in the spring.”